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Let us show you our implementation and configuration tools for your ServiceNow Portal with our suite of custom solutions. Transform your ServiceNow instance by utilizing our latest innovations in design and technology. NewRocket’s custom accelerators will enhance your processes, improve your workflow, and redefine your user experience.

ServiceNow Service Portal


UI Design System

Designed for flexibility and scalability

ServiceNow portals are great at handling complex ticketing, processes, and catalogues. However, when it comes to the portal end user experience, it doesn’t quite deliver. So, we created the RocketFuel UI Design System. It’s a predefined set of UI widgets designed specifically to improve usability and accelerate implementation. Because each widget has limited business logic, upgrades go smoothly.

  • Maintained and frequently updated
  • Well documented
  • Highly configurable
  • QA Tested across all browsers and ServiceNow versions
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RocketFuel UI Design System NewRocket Product


Portal Accelerator

Your portal deployment at ludicrous speed

The NewRocket LaunchPad application is a complete implementation platform for Service Portal that utilizes both RocketFuel and OOB widgets. LaunchPad leverages our RocketFuel product, supports multiple page layouts, and is compatible with all ServiceNow versions.

  • Won't break with ServiceNow upgrades
  • Includes multiple page layouts
  • Supports custom branding
  • Does not touch or impact any OOB pages or widgets
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LaunchPad Portal Accelerator NewRocket Product

Translation Assistant

Multinational Solution

Translate what you need, nothing more, nothing less

NewRocket’s Translation Assistant solution aggregates all types of translation records into one “staging” table so it’s easier to maintain. Translation Assistant scans all of the portal pages and widgets so you only translate what is directly on the portal, nothing more, nothing less.

  • Record level control
  • Automated syncing
  • Highly configurable
  • Runs on all Portal versions
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Translation Assistant Language Solution NewRocket Product


Intranet & Content Management System

Replace the Legacy Intranet with Employee Experiences

Extend beyond the ground level capabilities of a standard service portal and provide your employees with the features they expect from a modern digital experience. The bundle includes widgets and applications that allow you to target communication, enable quick access to needed information, and easily author and maintain content on the portal.

  • Delegate content administration
  • Improve user experience
  • Coordinate engagement
  • Empower the organization
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Orbit Intranet and Content Management System NewRocket Product
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