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Are you trying to improve code quality to make your instance faster, more secure and easier to upgrade? Go beyond risky customizations and into fast, high quality business enablement with NewRocket CodeWorks. Fix mistakes early to reduce testing and upgrade cycles.

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Key Benefits


ServiceNow CSM (Customer Service Management)
Proactive scanning provides real-time coaching

Detect issues as code is written using a powerful custom linting engine that uses a configurable rule set. CodeWorks will suggest corrections where possible and in some cases automatically apply the correction. Beyond a simply linting JavaScript, CodeWorks understands code within ServiceNow and can enforce best practices and company standards to make your code base easier to understand  and maintain.

  • Powerful, configurable linting engine
  • Auto-remediation and suggestions
  • ServiceNow specific best practices
ServiceNow CSM (Customer Service Management)
Issue tracking

When issues can't be remediated immediately, such as when running a scan for the first time for an existing code base, CodeWorks collects all issues into a centralized place where your team can systematically process them. Each issue is presented in context and is ranked to help your team make prioritize and make better decisions. CodeWorks tracks decisions to reduce triage time in the future.

  • Central view of all issues
  • Ranked, contextual scan results
  • Decision tracking to reduce triage time
ServiceNow CSM (Customer Service Management)
Recommendations and auto-remediation

Speed the development process, particularly for less experience developers and ones  who are new to your code base, by taking advantage of suggested solutions. Get best practice recommendations and actual code fixes that can be automatically applied. Extend the rule base to capture practices and solutions specific for your organization.

  • Reduce training time
  • Decrease time to fix issues
  • Extend rule set with company specific logic
ServiceNow CSM (Customer Service Management)
Health and governance dashboard

Understand where your instance has issues and where you should spend your time to have the biggest impact on quality with the CodeWorks Health and Governance Dashboard. This dashboard provides multiple breakdowns of issues to help you understand and remediate vulnerabilities and bugs as well as enforce best  practices. It also assists with improving team performance. Ultimately, this comprehensive view enables you to maintain the overall health of your instance.

  • Comprehensive view of code quality
  • Multiple breakdowns of issues
  • Monitor team performance and aggregate health

Operational Benefits

Improving the employee workplace experience is the No. 1 priority for 67% of corporate real estate leaders who are increasingly working with the digital workplace team to optimize the hybrid experience.    

By 2025, corporate workspace allocation will flip from 70% individual  workstations and 30% collaborative space to 30% individual and 70% collaborative space. By 2025, less than 5% of desk workers will prefer to work from a corporate workplace full time, down from 17% in 2021.    

By 2027, 80% of millennial workers will prefer to spend their time in various workplaces rather than full-time remote or full-time work from the office, up from 61% in 2021. By 2024, organizations with a persistent cross-functional team tasked with workplace experience strategy will be 80% more likely to have high employee satisfaction with the workplace.    

Gartner, 2023 Market Guide for Workplace Experience Applications

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