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Do you need to load complex data into ServiceNow? Go beyond complicated, error-prone integration scenarios and into smooth data migration with NewRocket Data Arc. Extend the useful life of your data by easily migrating complex legacy data into a ServiceNow instance or between instances.

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Key Benefits


ServiceNow CSM (Customer Service Management)
Migrate legacy data

Migrating data from a legacy system into ServiceNow is a typical requirement for most implementations, yet it can be challenging ensure data integrity during this process. Data Arc can help overcome these changes and ensure that attachments and data relationships are preserved during the migration. Having high quality, historical data as a starting point also organizations to take full advantage of what ServiceNow has to offer.

  • Ensure attachments are migrated with related data
  • Ensure data relationships are preserved
  • Reliably run the migrate multiple times if necessary
ServiceNow CSM (Customer Service Management)
Mask sensitive data

When migrating or synchronizing data into a sub-production instance, it is often desirable to prevent sensitive production data from being copied to a lower environment. Data Arc makes it easy to mask this sensitive data while still preserving the general integrity of the record. Having masking functionality integrated into the data synchronization process avoids the need for complicated custom integration scenarios or post-processing.

  • Configurable field-level masking
  • Masking incorporated into import process
  • Avoids complicated custom processing
ServiceNow CSM (Customer Service Management)
Sync attachments with related data

Processes involved complex data objects that span multiple tables and often require attached files. Data Arc makes it easier to deal with these complex objects  as a unit. This approach improves data integrity and simplifies how administrators need to think about the data. You get all of the benefits from the data and none of the headaches associated with synchronizing it.

  • Attachments follow the data
  • Data relationships are preserved
  • Simplified mental model for integration
ServiceNow CSM (Customer Service Management)
Keep data on sub-prod instances fresh

Due to security and performance concerns, many clients run important integrations like Active Directory, SCCM, and Discovery in production. As a result, their sub-production environments become stale, making it difficult for developers, testers, and trainers to take advantage of the most recent data. Frequent cloning, in many situations, is not a viable option because of the disruptions it causes to the development process. Data Arc overcomes these challenges to keep your sub-production instances securely in-sync with your production instance.

  • Avoid running integrations directly against sub-production
  • Avoid the need to clone frequently
  • Pinpoint what data you want to sync

Operational Benefits

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Gartner, 2023 Market Guide for Workplace Experience Applications

Case Studies

ServiceNow Data Arc Case Study Image
As part of a re-implementation effort, we helped our client move from an old ServiceNow instance to a new one. In this process, we used Data Arc to migrate all of their legacy ITSM data, including all CMDB information, from their old instance to the new. Using Data Arc allowed the client to have valuable historical information available for continuity and troubleshooting  purposes while taking advantage of refreshed processes and less technical debt.
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Our client migrated from Remedy to ServiceNow for their customer service management processes. Using Data Arc, they were able to preserve all of their  historical cases, including attachments and open cases, as their started their journey with ServiceNow.
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