Leading the AI Revolution: NewRocket’s Approach to Organizational Change Management and Tailored AI Solutions

ServiceNow is revolutionizing enterprise service management by simplifying our ability to use advanced AI capabilities to streamline operations and elevate user experiences.


ServiceNow is revolutionizing enterprise service management by simplifying our ability to use advanced AI capabilities to streamline operations and elevate user experiences. In our series, “Leading the AI Revolution”, we provide actionable insights for steering your organization toward the forefront of AI utilization. Our previous post delved into identifying AI-related opportunities and risks, as well as establishing robust governance frameworks to manage those risks. In this installment, we focus on the final two components of NewRocket’s approach: preparing your organization for change and implementing tailored AI solutions. To set the stage, let’s begin with an overview of ServiceNow’s AI capabilities.

ServiceNow’s AI Capabilities

ServiceNow’s AI can be categorized into five key areas:

• Machine Learning Frameworks

• Natural Language Processing

• AI-powered Search

• Data Mining & Analytics

• Code Generation

Machine Learning Frameworks

ServiceNow provides machine learning frameworks designed for classification, similarity analysis, clustering, summarization, and document processing. These tools enable ServiceNow to automate the sorting and categorization of requests and find connections in data to optimize responses and content suggestions. Its intelligent document processing capability can identify, comprehend, and extract critical text and data, streamlining subsequent operations.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

With capabilities ranging from NLP to natural language understanding (NLU) and large language models (LLM), ServiceNow's AI interprets and interacts in everyday language, rendering systems more user-friendly and responsive. ServiceNow extends this functionality by recognizing emotional cues through sentiment analysis, which enhances customer service. Language detection and dynamic translation facilitate request routing and create seamless localized interactions, while the Virtual Agent leverages these functions to provide smooth conversational experiences.

AI-powered Search

Building on its NLP framework, ServiceNow’s AI Search yields accurate, context-sensitive results. The system allows users to generate more structured outcomes by translating natural language queries (NLQ) into lists, figures, and charts.

Data Mining & Analytics

ServiceNow employs process mining, predictive analytics, and automation discovery to pinpoint efficiencies, anticipate trends, and identify automation possibilities, all of which serve to refine processes and decrease resolution times.

Code Generation

Administrators and developers can take advantage of capabilities like text-to-code to generate scripts and functions and text-to-flow to generate workflows from natural language prompts.

These AI features are just a glimpse into how ServiceNow can amplify your organization’s human resources, enabling greater productivity with your existing workforce.

Prepare Your Organization for Change

The next hurdle is adequately preparing your team for the AI revolution. This includes implementing processes that ensure data quality, educating staff to proficiently use AI tools, and managing the organizational shifts necessary to garner the desired adoption and benefits.

The effectiveness of ServiceNow’s AI features hinges on the quality of data. While ServiceNow diligently maintains a domain-specific LLM, it falls upon your organization to ensure your data is accurate and reliable. NewRocket offers guidance on how issues of data quality, privacy and security concerns may influence potential solutions for your organization’s needs. More than just guidance, NewRocket can assist you implementing processes that boost and sustain data integrity.  

However, ensuring data quality is just one facet of the AI adoption process. Training on how to implement and use these new technologies must also be considered. Although training is critical, it may not be sufficient due to potential staff concerns about job security, over-reliance on AI, or the repercussions of AI errors. Our team of organizational change management experts is poised to work with your staff to address these issues and secure the commitment necessary for successful integration.

Implement Tailored Solutions

Organizational transformation is a gradual process and may stall without the effective rollout of AI initiatives that yield concrete business results. At NewRocket, we understand this and approach solution implementation in a methodical and phased manner, recognizing that each organization has unique needs.

Our advisors will collaborate with your team to pinpoint both immediate wins and a sustainable long-term strategy to revolutionize your organization and tackle your most challenging business issues. We evaluate the status of your ServiceNow implementation journey and offer specific recommendations on what processes and capabilities to adopt to advance to the next level of sophistication. Our development team is equipped to execute the plan, ensuring the solution is tailored to your business requirements and includes metrics for tracking your progress. The maintainable and scalable AI solutions we help you implement not only enhance productivity but also ensure that technology augments human expertise, leading to more intelligent and effective enterprise service management.

Looking Ahead

This blog series has examined NewRocket’s four-pillar approach for AI readiness:

• Opportunity and risk identification

• Robust governance framework development

• Organizational change preparation

• Tailored solution implementation

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Leading the AI Revolution: NewRocket’s Approach to Organizational Change Management and Tailored AI Solutions

ServiceNow is revolutionizing enterprise service management by simplifying our ability to use advanced AI capabilities to streamline operations and elevate user experiences.

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From recent insights gathered, we learned that ServiceNow customers are increasingly receptive to adopting AI solutions and ServiceNow has the tools to embrace that head on. However, there's a gap in AI use-cases for more mature users, highlighting the need for a creative approach to accommodate their business needs.

In navigating AI adoption, organizations are challenged to find the delicate balance between embracing innovation and avoiding dependency on emerging technologies. Advisory consulting and trusted guidance beyond initial queries spark interest, particularly around AI's impact on operations. Read our AI blog series to learn more about our approach.

Excitement around GenAI is apparent, with most users eager to explore its potential benefits and invest in quick wins. Notably, advanced use cases like process mining are gaining traction. Key solution themes include interest in native mobile applications, Employee Center migration, and the urgent need for enhanced data capabilities.

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At ServiceNow's Knowledge 24 event, we connected with 350+ attendees at our booth, showcasing how NewRocket supports organizations on their ServiceNow journey. AI emerged as a key topic, reflecting the growing interest in its potential across businesses. Our strategic advisory approach, FlightPath, aligns technology with business objectives, drawing on our expertise in customer, employee, technology, and security transformation. Plus, we captivated attendees by transforming them into astronauts using AI. See the photo booth results here!

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