Is Your Business Prepared for the AI Revolution?

Is your business prepared for the AI revolution? Before jumping into AI initiatives, organizations should have some foundational elements in place.


As businesses navigate the evolving landscape of technological innovation, AI adoption quickly approaches on the horizon.

Startup incubators and industry giants alike recognize the undeniable potential of AI. Y Combinator's winter 2024 cohort boasts a staggering 70% of startups focused on AI, and conferences like ServiceNow’s Knowledge will no doubt be abuzz with AI discussions.

We find ourselves at the peak of the AI hype cycle, and for good reason. AI promises faster results, streamlined operations, and deeper insights. Yet, amidst this excitement, a crucial question looms: Are businesses truly ready to harness the power of AI?

This question echoes in conversations with clients who, like many, grapple with the implications of this transformative technology.

Merely adopting AI-driven solutions won't guarantee success. It's essential to lay the right foundation and select the most suitable solutions. Proper preparation is crucial to unlocking AI's potential and to accelerating results.

Start on your AI journey equipped with our comprehensive AI Readiness Checklist, designed to pinpoint the essential elements your organization needs to address for optimal results. Stay tuned for more on NewRocket’s tailored AI solutions for your business in the coming blog posts.

AI Readiness Checklist

Is your business prepared for the AI revolution? Before jumping into AI initiatives, organizations should have some foundational elements in place. This checklist highlights crucial elements to address before starting your journey. NewRocket is here to assist with establishing a solid foundation and accelerating your AI-powered journey.

  • Has the organization identified time-intensive or costly processes that could benefit from AI automation?
  • Is the organization mature enough to take full advantage of AI capabilities?
  • Has the organization established an AI policy?
  • Has the organization begun to educate employees about the opportunities and risks associated with AI?
  • Has the organization established how it will validate that it is getting expected benefits?

At NewRocket, we specialize in helping businesses meet changes like this with confidence. Our approach is to identify opportunities and risks, establish robust governance frameworks, prepare your organization for change, and implement tailored solutions.

Go Beyond Artificial Intelligence; gain Accelerated Intelligence with NewRocket. Our seasoned experts stand ready to support you and your team in maximizing the benefits of AI technology’s continual evolution.

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