Leading the AI Revolution: NewRocket’s Approach to Opportunity, Risk, and Governance

In this blog, we delve into the first two of four pillars of the NewRocket approach: identifying opportunities and risks and establishing robust governance frameworks.


Our previous blog, “Is Your Business Prepared for the AI Revolution?” discussed the importance of understanding AI's potential and developing a plan for harnessing its power most effectively. In this blog, we delve into the first two of four pillars of the NewRocket approach: identifying opportunities and risks and establishing robust governance frameworks.

Identify Opportunities

The first step in any successful AI implementation journey is to recognize the specific opportunities AI presents within your organization. AI has the potential to revolutionize processes, increase efficiency, and unlock new insights, but many organizations we speak with don’t know where to start.

As you contemplate your business landscape, consider the time-intensive or costly processes that could benefit from AI automation. Often, the quickest wins come by automating the “boring stuff.” Shaving seconds or minutes off repetitive activities can yield significant benefits over time. For example, summarizing long-running issues for a hand-off to another team is both time-consuming and vital: a task AI can do exceedingly well. Or, let AI reduce triage and resolution time by routing issues to the most appropriate assignment group.

Success in automating mundane tasks earns you the opportunity to pursue more ambitious changes. As the “boring stuff” is plowed away, it exposes even more fertile ground for automation and innovation. 

At NewRocket, we work closely with our clients to uncover the full spectrum of possibilities AI has to offer. We review your processes against your current challenges and goals to offer guidance on how AI technology can streamline your business operations, enhance customer experiences, and optimize decision-making processes.

Identify Risks

It's equally important to acknowledge and address the risks associated with AI adoption, including data privacy, security concerns, algorithmic biases, and ethical and social implications.

AI systems heavily rely on data to function effectively. However, this reliance on data introduces significant privacy and security risks. Your organization must ensure that the data collected, stored, and used by AI systems comply with privacy regulations such as GDPR or CCPA. Failure to adequately protect sensitive information can lead to breaches, regulatory fines, and reputational damage.

AI algorithms learn from historical data, which may inherently contain biases. If left unchecked, these biases can perpetuate or even exacerbate inequalities and discrimination, potentially resulting in brand damage and legal repercussions. NewRocket can help your organization implement robust processes to detect and mitigate bias throughout the AI lifecycle.

AI technologies raise complex ethical and social dilemmas that your organization must navigate carefully. Issues such as job displacement, algorithmic accountability, and the impact on human autonomy require thoughtful consideration. Deploying AI without adequate ethical frameworks in place can result in unintended consequences, including public backlash, loss of trust, and regulatory scrutiny. You must engage in transparent dialogue with stakeholders, including employees, customers, and policy makers, to address these concerns and ensure responsible AI use.

As NewRocket guides you to identify opportunities for AI adoption, we will also discuss how to mitigate these risks.

Establish Robust Governance Frameworks

Effective governance is essential to ensure the responsible and ethical use of AI within organizations. That's why NewRocket strongly emphasizes establishing robust governance frameworks tailored to each client's unique needs and challenges. 

These frameworks typically involve conducting risk assessments at various stages of the AI lifecycle, from data collection and model development to deployment and monitoring. Implementing compliance tracking and reporting systems that can give you the right visibility and confidence.  

We assist organizations in defining clear roles and responsibilities, establishing transparent decision-making processes, and implementing mechanisms for ongoing monitoring and evaluation. By embedding governance principles from the outset, we help our clients mitigate the previously mentioned risks, foster accountability, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Looking Ahead

As we continue to explore NewRocket's approach to AI readiness, our next blog will cover the final two pillars of our approach: preparing the organization for change and implementing tailored solutions. We'll delve into strategies for AI adoption, how to build employee capabilities, and how to execute AI initiatives that deliver tangible business outcomes.

In the meantime, if you're eager to learn more about how NewRocket can help your organization lead the AI revolution, don't hesitate to reach out to our team.

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Leading the AI Revolution: NewRocket’s Approach to Opportunity, Risk, and Governance

In this blog, we delve into the first two of four pillars of the NewRocket approach: identifying opportunities and risks and establishing robust governance frameworks.

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From recent insights gathered, we learned that ServiceNow customers are increasingly receptive to adopting AI solutions and ServiceNow has the tools to embrace that head on. However, there's a gap in AI use-cases for more mature users, highlighting the need for a creative approach to accommodate their business needs.

In navigating AI adoption, organizations are challenged to find the delicate balance between embracing innovation and avoiding dependency on emerging technologies. Advisory consulting and trusted guidance beyond initial queries spark interest, particularly around AI's impact on operations. Read our AI blog series to learn more about our approach.

Excitement around GenAI is apparent, with most users eager to explore its potential benefits and invest in quick wins. Notably, advanced use cases like process mining are gaining traction. Key solution themes include interest in native mobile applications, Employee Center migration, and the urgent need for enhanced data capabilities.

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At ServiceNow's Knowledge 24 event, we connected with 350+ attendees at our booth, showcasing how NewRocket supports organizations on their ServiceNow journey. AI emerged as a key topic, reflecting the growing interest in its potential across businesses. Our strategic advisory approach, FlightPath, aligns technology with business objectives, drawing on our expertise in customer, employee, technology, and security transformation. Plus, we captivated attendees by transforming them into astronauts using AI. See the photo booth results here!

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