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Using a Snippet

### Overview
Snippets are HTML blocks set up by ServiceNow Administrators. They are used by Editors within the HTML content field. Snippets are typically used within Article content items.

#### Using a Snippet (Editors)
1. From the Article content item in Orbit Editor, click New record.

2. Under the HTML section, click + and select Snippet from the dropdown.

3. Any/All snippets created by administrators will be available for selection.

4. Once a Snippet is selected, fields within the template can be edited:
* (a) Editors can edit snippet text to customize the record

Editors can link snippets to desired webpages:
* (b) Select the text to be linked
* (c) Click the link icon
* (d)Select Edit link
* (e) Link Text can be customized by Editor
* (f) Enter URL to desired webpage
* (g)Click Save

5. Once the snippet and record fields have been tailored by an Editor, click Save to Publish the record.

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