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### Title
Content Item title.

### Short Description
A short description of this Content Item.

### Image
Upload up to 1 image file. Supported files include .png, .jpg, or .svg.

### HTML
The HTML is a powerful tool that lets users input text, images, tables, embed code blocks, and write out html markup language. Click the blue “+” button to see all the features available in this field.

### Link
This section configures where the Content Item will redirect users when clicked. First you must choose the link “type” for this item which has six options (described below):

- Page - Redirects users to a service portal page.
- URL - Redirects users to a webpage.
- Catalog Category - Redirects users to a ServiceNow catalog category.
- KB Article - Redirects users to a knowledge base article.
- Catalog Item - Redirects users to a specific catalog item.
- KB Category - Redirects users to a knowledge base category.

Once the link type is selected, a second dropdown box will appear based on the link type. For example if a “page” link type is defined, then a dropdown box will appear with all available ServiceNow pages that can be chosen (see image below). This behavior is the same for all type options except for “URL”. When the “URL” type is selected then the following two additional configuration choices will appear:

URL - Enter the url of the page you would like to link to. NOTE: This URL will be appended to the end of your ServiceNow address. For example if you enter a value of “new_portal” and your ServiceNOw address is, then your users will be linked to

URL target - Use this option to specify where your users will see the link they click on. The default behavior (if left blank) is to redirect the page the user is currently viewing. If “_blank” is entered, then the link will open in a new tab.

### Valid from
Enter a starting date and time when this Content Item will be visible.

### Valid to
Enter an ending date and time when this Content Item will no longer be visible.

### Audience
Only allow access to this Content Item to a specified User Criteria.

### Order
Order values are expressed as numbers typically in increments of 100. When multiple content items are listed, those with a lower order value are displayed first.

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