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Create Amazing Employee Experiences

Extend beyond the ground level capabilities of a standard service portal and provide your employees with the features they expect from a modern digital experience. The bundle includes widgets and applications that allow you to target communication, enable quick access to needed information, and easily author and maintain content on the portal.

Orbit Base.xml

Note: Editors for Orbit content cannot be snc_external users.

Change Log


February 13, 2024

  • Enhancement: This release improves support for creating landing pages. A landing page brings together conceptually related content from several content sources. Landing pages are like topical pages in Employee Center but may include a wider variety of content. This feature is enabled by a new content type, Landing Page, you can use to create new content sources. In addition to the typical fields, you fill in for a content item, Landing Pages have a user-friendly Page ID that new Landing Page Widgets will use to retrieve content related to the page. You relate content items to the Landing Page through a new "Related" tab where you can define parent and child relationships among Orbit content.
  • Enhancement: Enlarged drop zone and added alternative to use file system dialog when uploading images.
  • Enhancement: Added four basic snippets.
  • Enhancement: Allow layers to change the background image or background color based on a supplied image or hex color.
  • Fixed: Orbit data table will now display future end dates correctly.
  • Fixed: Cannot edit links after inserted within Orbit Editor.
  • Fixed: Image upload issue where file is uploaded but not captured by Orbit.
  • Fixed: This release includes a Fix Script that will remove customizations automatically applied by ServiceNow. If you have made customizations to the following ACLs, you will need to re-apply your customizations after the upgrade finishes.
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April 3, 2023

  • Enhancement: Update documentation to new ServiceNow format.


March 29, 2023

  • Enhancement: Recreate Orbit Feedback to not extend KB Feedback table.


March 14, 2023

  • Enhancement: Require sp_admin for UI actions on Content Type.


January 5, 2023

  • Enhancement: Orbit Editor - Enabled image editing prior to uploading
  • Enhancement: Orbit Content Source - Audience filtering to restrict massive audiences list


December 1, 2022

  • New: Orbit UI - Content Rating Widget allows users to rate Orbit Content
  • New: Orbit UI - Content Useful Widget allows users to denote if Orbit Content has been helpful
  • New: Orbit UI - Content Comments allows users to leave comments on Orbit Content
  • New: Orbit API has been extended out of the box to make upgrading easier with custom logic
  • Fixed: Issue with self closing directive tags in Tokyo


October 6, 2022

·      Fixed: Orbit UI - Related Items errors for invalid content

·      New: System property for support email on Orbit Dashboard


August 4, 2022

·      New: Added related items widget to the default content page

·      New: Orbit UI - Display Content default templates ability to use options.color

·      Enhancement: Orbit UI - Added demo data for sc_items Related Items template

·      Enhancement: Orbit UI - Added demo data for sc_items Related Items template

·      Fixed: Orbit CMS now hides Content Source initial on larger screens

·      Fixed: Orbit Dynamic Link plugin console.logs

·      Fixed: Stability of getRefRecord()


July 7, 2022

·      Enhancement: Content type IDs now have the ability to show a custom Type ID instead of defaulting to the sys_id of the content type rather than the ID

·      Enhancement: The Editor group field on Content Sources now supports adding multiple groups

·      Enhancement: Orbit now includes a default content page (orbit_content)

·      Enhancement: Ability to link to Orbit content

·      Enhancement: Ability to link to ServiceNow content

·      Enhancement: Ability to link to Topics

·      Enhancement: A markup plugin has been added to the Orbit Editor

·      Fixed: publishContent() no longer creates orphaned Content Items

·      Fixed: Delete button on Orbit Lists now displays modal only when necessary

·      Fixed: Validity dates starting and ending on the same day no longer conflict

·      Fixed: Approval resetting upon cancellation and resubmission


May 5, 2022

·      Fixed: getEditURL no longer breaks when the original content item has been deleted


April 7, 2022

·      Enhancement: Added custom role (content_admin) to be able to delete all versioned content instead of just sp_admin

·      Fixed: Fixed bug where getEditURL wouldn’t return the right URL for versioned content


March 3, 2022

Orbit Menu

·      Fixed: Sources with no glyph are not visible from 768-1200px

Orbit Sidebar

·      Fixed: Now hides as expected on mobile

Orbit-UI Carousel

·      Fixed: HTML formatting

Orbit Versions

·      Fixed: Removed erroneous orbit-activity class

Orbit MultiRow

·      Fixed: FixedWidthHelper replaced

Orbit Activity

·      Fixed: Tabbed label can now be translated as expected


·      Fixed: Now fits in screen on mobile


January 25, 2022


·      Fixed: Cross scope privileges have been added

·      Fixed: Orbit modules now show for admins without the sp_admin role


·      Enhancement: Performance improvements


December 2, 2021

Orbit Dashboard

·      Enhancement: Removed link for base update set for template instance option


November 24, 2021

Orbit UI Carousel

·      Fixed: Now shows "Content Source Empty" message when no Content Items exist in a Content Source


·      Enhancement: Now utilizing GlideRecordSecure() to enforce ACLs

·      Fixed: _getTableColumns is now recursive thereby reflecting an accurate number of columns for extended tables

·      Fixed: sys_id now added to the URL for M2M type Content Items

Content Items

·      Fixed: Inessential ACLs have been removed

·      Enhancement: ACLs for Delete, Edit, and Create have been added for the Content Items table

Portal Redirect UI Page

·      Enhancement: Improved method of Portal UI Page redirection

Orbit Preview

·      Fixed: No longer utilizing g_navigation for Preview redirection

UI Actions

·      Enhancement: UI Action conditions now verify edit access

Article Editor

·      Enhancement: Licensing and library version information are now included

Orbit Dashboard

·      Fixed: Support information now shows on the Orbit Dashboard


October 28, 2021

Orbit Multirow

·      Enhancement: Added ability to make it expandable

Orbit Page Type

·      Enhancement: Added attributes and "ed" to be passed into orbit-multirow to match dictionary

Table Indexing

·      Enhancement: Remove fields from indexing on x_nero_orbit_content

Orbit Menu

·      Enhancement: Add dynamic target attribute based on menuItem.url_target

Orbit app

·      Fixed: Orbit app displayed on Mobile


October 21, 2021

Orbit App

·      Enhancement: Redirect to portal selected in orbit.portal_suffix system property

Orbit Content

·      Fixed: Delete All Versions (only for sp_admin)


October 14, 2021

Content Items Dictionary Records

·      Enhancement: Changed reference qualifier to exclude inactive records

Content Items

·      Fixed: UI Policies missing for SC Catalog and KB Article Multi-row fields


September 30, 2021

Orbit Content

·      Enhancement: Empty link value handling

Orbit Module

·      Enhancement: Added link to Orbit CMS Portal

Content Item

·      Enhancement: Updated page reference fields cascade rule


September 23, 2021

New Release: Dashboard Widget

Orbit App

·      Fixed: Search on Data Table widget doesn't clear

Content Types & Sources

·      Enhancement: Change cascade delete rule from --None-- to None for reference fields

·      Enhancement: Added more types


·      Enhancement: Created base update set for template instance option (currently depends on RF Base Update)


September 16, 2021

Orbit Improvements

·      Enhancement: Updated content sources


September 2, 2021

Public Attachments

·      Enhancement: Added a system property for processor prefix


August 19, 2021

New Release: Orbit Dashboard

·      Enhancement: Orbit Dashboard

Orbit API

·      Fixed: Set Common ID BR - Change to Before Insert instead of On Display

Orbit Attachments

·      Fixed: When item is read only users can still add attachments


July 29, 2021

Orbit Editor

·      Enhancement: Editor upgraded to the latest version

Orbit UI

·      Enhancement: Support displaying content items based on content type for the Simple List widget

Translations Widget

·      Fixed: English language is showing up as a duplicate

Orbit Data Table

·      Fixed: Delete button should hide when versioning is enabled on Content Source


July 15, 2021

Orbit Lists

·      Enhancement: Support filtering


July 8, 2021

Orbit Activity

·      New: Vertical line denoting time is appearing centered


July 1, 2021

Orbit API

·      New: Created Orbit Translations widget which allows user to view/edit a content item in different languages


June 4, 2021

Orbit API

·      Enhancement: Use sys_id instead of username for events

·      Fixed: Updated date incorrect


May 28, 2021

Orbit API

·      Enhancement: Update approval events to include the requestor

Orbit UI

·      Enhancement: Carousel Widget: Accessibility Improvements


May 21, 2021

Orbit API

·      Enhancement: Save user criteria to “This” instead of user session

Orbit Data Table

·      Enhancement: Added functionality to choose default sort option for different content types

Orbit UI

·      Enhancement: Display Widget - Only shows HTML without templates to choose default sort option for different content types

Orbit Form

·      Enhancement: Added support for tooltips on fields that come from UI Formatters (html, multirow)

Article Editor

·      Enhancement: Update image resize plugin with latest version from Imperavi


·      Enhancement: Notification after approval/rejection

·      Enhancement: Notification sent upon released content

View Count Analytics

·      Enhancement: Added logic that would add records into sp_log table to track content item view count and check for recently viewed items

Orbit Data Table

·      Enhancement: Added functionality to choose default sort option for different content types


May 14, 2021

Orbit API

·      Enhancement: Saved audiences to user session for _validateAudience method

Multi-row Variable Set

·      Fixed: Modal does not automatically close when clicking outside of modal window; changes are lost


May 7, 2021

Content Authoring

·      Enhancement: Added logic to CD Audience Field to deal with Content Delivery Plugin


April 30, 2021

Orbit API

·      Fixed: Does not retrieve m2m item when related item does not pass _validateAudience()

Content Authoring

·      Enhancement: Added support to update and delete existing templates


April 23, 2021

Content Authoring

·      Enhancement: Control use of User Criteria versus Content Delivery Audiences for content audience API


April 23, 2021

Content Authoring

·      Enhancement: Control use of User Criteria versus Content Delivery Audiences for content audience API

·      Enhancement: Parse JSON field types when fetching content

·      Enhancement: Allow Admin to release locked content item

Orbit API

·      Enhancement: OrbitAPI getContentItems(): add can read check for item.document per record


April 16, 2021

Content Authoring

·      Enhancement: Canceling an approval of new record does not correctly cancel workflow

·      Enhancement: Editors can not preview records with an audience they don’t belong to


April 9, 2021

Content Authoring

·      Enhancement: Added Extension pointsArticle editor: Swap out “templates” for “snippets”

·      Enhancement: Added image size plugin to article editor

·      Enhancement: Added image position plugin to article editor

Orbit API

·      Enhancement: Added Extension points


April 2, 2021

Templates Widget

·      New: Added a new Templates widget that combines buttons into a dropdown.

Orbit Data Table

·      Enhancement: Put .table-responsive on a parent element of table

Multi-Row Variable Set

·      Enhancement: Added the ability to scroll horizontally and vertically


March 26, 2021

Multi-Row Variable Set

·      Enhancement: Now handles attachments correctly on new records

·      Enhancement: Now shows empty message

·      Fixed: Defect with choice & glyphicon fields

·      Fixed: Defect with editing multirow records when schema has changed

·      Fixed: Multirow form for glyphicon type fields

·      Fixed: Multirow when using Select fields

·      Fixed:  Multirow image attachments on new records


March 19, 2021

Multi-Row Variable Set

·      New: Created a UI widget that supports multi-row variable sets in Orbit

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