Why a GRC Strategy is Imperative for your Business

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) is a business requisite because it combines these important elements – good governance, risk management and compliance


Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) is a business requisite because it combines these important elements – good governance, risk management and compliance – into an integrated framework so that the right people are getting the right information at the right time. It gives leaders the tools, information and insights they need to manage threats, make better, risk-informed decisions, and act with integrity. When these pieces of the accountability puzzle fit together, the bigger picture becomes clear, not only to the senior decision-makers but to everyone involved in the company, who can see how their insights, operations and conduct align with broader business objectives. The result is increased stability in business performance, a more responsible and resilient workforce, and measurable improvements in organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Who Uses GRC?

The GRC market has skyrocketed in recent years and isn’t slowing down any time soon. In fact, with the growing adoption of automated and out-of-the-box GRC solutions, the global market is expected to reach $64.61 billion by 2025.

The popularity of GRC can be attributed, in large part, to its ability to adapt to changing business needs and provide deployable solutions to a variety of customers, including public and private organizations, large and small. While some people may presume that GRC is solely used by Operations and IT personnel, this is not the case. GRC touches everyone within an organization, as well as those within its orbit (including the board of directors and shareholders), play a role in its implementation and evaluation.

Senior executives, including the CEO and COO in consultation with the leadership team, set the strategic objectives and values for an organization, and identify and manage external and internal risks.

Where Do I Start?

Let us help you! In 2017, NewRocket made the list of Canada’s most successful companies for the third year in a row, placing #161 in the annual PROFIT 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s fastest-growing companies. Employing one of the largest teams of GRC professionals in North America, our mission is to deliver deployable success to our customers’ businesses in scope and on time, to help them get their ducks in a row, improve their risk intelligence, and make more effective decisions. Some of the industries we serve include Financial Services, Government, Energy and Resources, Health Care, and Retail.

NewRocket's partners with leading technology platform providers to bring our customers the best options for their GRC, Security Operations and Enterprise Risk Management technology requirements.

NewRocket's service programs have helped organizations deploy RSA Archer and ServiceNow in ways that offer the depth, breadth and adaptability organizations need to manage risk in multiple domains, combined with an ecosystem and track record to deliver strategic value and a positive business impact.

NewRocket, RSA and ServiceNow have partnered for several years to deliver effective risk management programs at companies across North America in industries including Finance, Insurance, Health Care, Manufacturing, Retail, Utilities, Telecom and Public Sector.

Our strategic partnership with RSA has led to NewRocket being recognized as one of RSA’s top GRC partners in 2016, 2017 and 2018. We have over 25 certified and practicing RSA Archer experts, which makes us one of the largest RSA Archer teams in North America outside of RSA itself.

Our Archer services include:

  • Executive workshops
  • Professional services
  • Application Program Support (APS)
  • BI/Reporting Tool Kit
  • Cloud-Based Development Skills Sandbox
  • Mentoring

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