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NewRocket staff are passionate about innovation, building portals, and delivering the ultimate digital workplace experience.

February 23, 2021

NewRocket staff are passionate about innovation, building portals, and delivering the ultimate digital workplace experience. Our team includes experts in UX/UI, ServiceNow gurus, and professionals committed to helping our clients succeed in enabling their employees to get information, help, and engagement through ServiceNow. We work hard, play hard, and encourage each other to explore other areas of passion. So we launched a formal program to partner with our staff to give to others.

We want our staff to share their success with others, and we’re excited to be able to come alongside them. —Founder, Nathan Firth.

Global Impact

The new program includes possible matching grant donations to non-profit organizations that staff members elect to give to. The program is patterned after the acclaimed “We Care and Give Back Program” that software company Intuit established for its philanthropic and employee volunteerism efforts. Two senior NewRocketeers are former Intuit staff members and sought to implement a similar, yet more holistic program.

The hallmark of NewRocket’s program includes promotion of volunteerism where team members can share their time and talent to help others. Some team members have expressed interest in teaching at risk young people to code using Raspberry PI devices, and others feel compelled to prepare food for local San Diego homeless outreach programs. Employees who have more than a year on staff may request limited time off to volunteer in areas where they have personal passion and abilities to lend a helping hand.

Paving the Way

This past week, Client Services Director, Matthew Allen, travelled to Central America to provide children in rural communities with required school supplies and vitamins to help them with their start to the school year. In Honduras, the school year runs from February through November. Studies resume for the kids who have the resources as the coffee harvest concludes. Sadly, many children have to work long days in the coffee farms to come up with the money to purchase school supplies. This year, a donation from NewRocket will help more than 100 children with backpacks, notebooks, scissors, rulers, writing utensils, and other materials to help them continue their education. In some communities, vitamins and medications were shared as malnutrition often impacts the learning abilities of these young people. Here’s a few shots of the work Matthew has been able to do during his time away from the office this week.

This investment in education of Honduran young people, for me, is motivated by my faith, but in light of the caravans of people leaving the region for lack of opportunity, it feels even more important to help people bloom where they’ve been planted. I love that my team at NewRocket supports me in this work. One colleague shared a smart phone with a young person to help them with their high school studies, and others have encouraged me in different ways. —Client Services Director, Matthew Allen.

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