ServiceNow RiseUp Blog: How Martin Duriques found his calling with ServiceNow and NewRocket

When you RiseUp with ServiceNow like Martin, you go from following a path to creating your own. Doing work you love. Work that works.

November 14, 2022

For Martin Duriques, technology has always been a key part of his life. Even when he was growing up, other family members were involved in IT, and he quickly discovered the power and opportunities that IT offers. With a Master’s degree in Communications and Informatics from Brno University in the Czech Republic, he quickly got a job at a data center provider. He built a support practice there, training others and developing his customer skills.

Then Martin emigrated to Canada and got a job as a help desk agent in Calgary, Alberta. Over the next several years, Martin took on several roles, including technical writer, knowledge manager, and process manager. However, while these roles gave him many learning opportunities, he was never sure which path was right for him.

Then, everything changed when he discovered ServiceNow. As a process manager, he was responsible for managing ITSM processes, but he also took on responsibility for developing and maturing the company’s ITSM platform—ServiceNow. That’s when he found his calling. Collaborating with other stakeholders, reengineering processes, and leveraging the ServiceNow platform’s capabilities for developers was incredibly interesting—and Martin shone at it. He became a ServiceNow Certified System Administrator (CSA), joined his local ServiceNow User Group (SNUG) to learn from other ServiceNow customers, and drove significant enhancements to his company’s ServiceNow deployment and processes.

In 2021, Martin joined ServiceNow Elite Partner NewRocket as a business analyst, which he says is now his spiritual home. As a business analyst, he loves translating between business requirements and technical capabilities, helping clients crystallize what they want by facilitating alignment, highlighting risks and benefits, providing clear choices, and—above all—helping clients succeed. He also says it’s a fantastic opportunity to keep on learning from clients from different industries since each one has unique perspectives, needs, and challenges.

The best part? Martin explains that being a ServiceNow business analyst allows him to get involved in just about every aspect of project delivery. In fact, he’s recently become a ServiceNow ITSM Certified Implementation Specialist. And he’s enthusiastic about the opportunity to branch out into other areas, such as IT Operations Management (ITOM), IT Asset Management (ITAM), Security Operations (SecOps), Predictive Intelligence, Performance Analytics, and Workforce and Process Optimization. He sees Now Learning as a critical enabler for his career growth, opening up areas such as Solution Architecture. He sums it up by saying that the options are almost unlimited. With NewRocket and ServiceNow, he can experience them all.

When you RiseUp with ServiceNow like Martin, you go from following a path to creating your own. Doing work you love. Work that works… for you. Isn’t it time to discover your calling?

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