NewRocket, ServiceNow, and Bridge Transform In-House Learning with Integrated Platform

A first-of-its-kind initiative, the integration of NewRocket’s Bridge-powered learning platform, NewRocket University, with ServiceNow’s platform, Now Learning, provides a next-level, heightened learning experience.


Flagship learning project offers certification and career development opportunities for top tech talent

Vista, CA, Feb. 8, 2023NewRocket, an Elite ServiceNow Partner that advises and supports clients in designing, implementing, and managing digital workflows to improve employee and customer experiences, today announced that it will connect its internal learning and development program, NewRocket University, with ServiceNow's proprietary API, Now Learning, part of RiseUp with ServiceNow. Developed in partnership with Bridge, an end-to-end learning management system for all things performance, the project delivers an enhanced, seamless learning experience and builds on NewRocket's commitment to serve as a destination for top tech talent.

First launched in April 2022, NewRocket University enables learning and growth, including career and performance development and feedback opportunities via ongoing conversations. Powered by the Bridge platform, NewRocket University combines an in-house ServiceNow resource center and learning management system with feedback channels, career planning resources, and more than 8,000 LinkedIn Learning courses. The program offers study concentrations in engineering and architecture, design thinking, finance, sales, marketing, and others.

NewRocket the first to connect an internal learning management system with Now Learning. As part of the RiseUp with ServiceNow goal of skilling one million people on the ServiceNow Platform by 2024, NewRocket was selected by ServiceNow as the pilot partner to enable a unified learning experience. The integrated platform will empower NewRocket Crew Members to further cultivate ServiceNow expertise with easy access to course curricula, certifications, and accreditations.

NewRocket's commitment to learning distinguishes itself in the ServiceNow ecosystem, as shown by its recent win of the ServiceNow Americas 2023 Creator Workflow Partner of the Year award.

"At the heart of NewRocket is our Crew. Our investment in our people is rooted in our core values. The opportunity to provide a holistic learning and development platform for our Crew members was a top priority for NewRocket and ServiceNow and honors those values," said NewRocket CEO Matt Stoyka. "We are pleased to be the first partner in the ecosystem to create this world-class learning experience and appreciate our close partnership with ServiceNow. We are committed to being a leader in learning and development, and this is an important step toward honoring that commitment. We will continue to lead and innovate in this area to ensure our Crew has the best capabilities to support our clients and our partnership with ServiceNow."

"We are thrilled to scale partner growth via third-party learning management system integration with Now Learning, a pivotal component of RiseUp with ServiceNow, a global program designed to skill one million people on the ServiceNow platform by 2024. By providing frictionless access to ServiceNow training and certification, we create simpler, faster, and more equitable paths to ServiceNow careers," said Jen Odess, Vice President Partner Enablement at ServiceNow.

"We are honored to partner with progressive companies like NewRocket that embody our core belief that People Matter Most," said Peter Brussard, Bridge President. "The integration between Bridge and ServiceNow will elevate NewRocket's ability to train, develop and retain their valued Crew members, and that's exactly what Bridge helps organizations achieve."

Since merging six companies in 2022, NewRocket has grown into an organization of more than 575 employees across four regions. Created to support a remote-first work environment, NewRocket's learning culture is a key element in uniting and motivating its workforce across the globe.

"Through our partnership with ServiceNow and Bridge, we're creating a differentiating talent factor," said NewRocket Director of Performance and Talent Enablement, Emily McQueen. "In a changing labor market, tech workers are looking for experiences, not roles — and clients are looking for partners who have the know-how to guide them through an evolving tech landscape. We see this new learning platform as a way to elevate our team and retain talent with the domain experience we need to meet this purpose."

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