NewRocket’s Enterprise Resilience Solution Now Available on the ServiceNow Store to Secure Organizational Agility

ServiceNow Elite Partner announces its best-in-class enterprise resilience offering is now available on the ServiceNow store to empower leaders amidst digital uncertainty


Vista, Calif. — November 9, 2023 — NewRocket, the go-to ServiceNow guide for global enterprise leaders, today announces its best-in-class enterprise resilience offering is now available on the ServiceNow store to enable enterprise decision-makers to navigate the complexities of digital risk.

Designed to help organizations be more proactive in building organizational resilience, the NewRocket Enterprise Resilience offering focuses on achieving business value for clients by delivering strategic immediate wins without losing sight of long-term vision and goals.  

Comprehensive Use Cases for Security and Risk Management

NewRocket's offering is comprehensive, targeting critical Security Operations, Risk, and Resilience use cases:

  • Vulnerability Response & Configuration Compliance
  • Security Incident Response & Threat Intelligence
  • Integrated Risk Management
  • Vendor Risk Management
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Operational Resilience
  • Environmental, Social, Governance  

“Global enterprise leaders are grappling with critical issues: the security of their data, vulnerability to ransomware and other threats, alignment of new business ventures with risk tolerance, and their ability to handle unexpected regulatory changes, such as the European Union’s new Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), which requires EU financial services firms to validate a level of compliance with their digital operational resilience programs,” said Melissa Cohoe, Global Security, Risk & Resilience Strategist at NewRocket. “Our clients look to NewRocket for expertise and guidance as each enterprise varies significantly in their goals, threat landscapes, and maturity. Only NewRocket has the breadth and depth of expertise and experience to predict the likelihood and impact of adverse events, prevent their occurrence as much as possible, then prepare for the inevitable, and respond effectively when incidents occur.”

Simplifying the Complex with NewRocket’s Expertise

Designed as a comprehensive program that can be tailored to each organization's unique needs, the Enterprise Resilience offering extends beyond mere technical support to include:

  • Advisory and Roadmap Support: Providing strategic guidance to chart a course for resilience.
  • Maturity Assessments: Offering insights into current capabilities and areas for enhancement.
  • Tailored Implementation Plans: Customized plans that leverage ServiceNow’s capabilities, ensuring organizations can confidently adapt to their changing world.

The NewRocket Enterprise Resilience offering is now on the ServiceNow store.

For more information on the transformation outcomes NewRocket can help organizations achieve with the ServiceNow platform, please reach out to  

About NewRocket

NewRocket is a global, full-service, elite ServiceNow partner that helps enterprise leaders navigate a rapidly changing business landscape. As the go-to ServiceNow guide, our Security, Risk, & Resilience team has both practitioners who have been where you are and savvy ServiceNow experts whose passion is Security Operations (SecOps), Integrated Risk Management (IRM), and helping organizations successfully prepare for, and implement cyber risk and cybersecurity initiatives.

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