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Designed for flexibility and scaleability

ServiceNow portals are great at handling complex ticketing, processes, and catalogues. However, when it comes to the portal end user experience, it doesn’t quite deliver. So, we created the RocketFuel UI Design System. It’s a predefined set of UI widgets designed specifically to improve usability and accelerate implementation. Because each widget has limited business logic, upgrades go smoothly. The system includes a documentation portal that is available at NewRocket on any instance it is installed on.

Change Log


October 18, 2019

Tabbed Content

·      New: Ability to include multiple widgets within rows and columns

Ticket Options

·      Enhancement: Added instance option for changing the title

Scripted List

·      Fixed: Added support for embedding the widget


October 11, 2019

New Release: Menu Buttons

·      New: Create template-driven buttons based on a menu instance with menu items


October 4,2019

Tabbed Content

·      New: Supports adding multiple widgets per tab

Sidebar Pane

·      New: Added location property with support for left and right configurations


September 20,2019

·      New: Our official widget documentation is now live on newrocket.com/documentation/rocketfuel

Trigger Breadcrumbs

·      Fixed: Added ACL(canRead) check to fix an issue where unauthorized users can see ticket details in breadcrumbs

Ticket List

·      Improved: Added support for triggering event "nrTicketClicked" upon record click

·      Improved: Added event "nrTicketsListLoaded" upon application of a filter

·      Improved: Added debug feature to instance options


September 13,2019

·      New: Officially switching from London to Madrid

·      New: Fixes to the Delegates Widget

SC Category Items

·      Improved: Changes the logic for SC Category Items to fetch category images using sys id's in git

Ticket Options

·      Improved: Updating the Ticket Options widget to support pre-populating the filters from URL parameters

·      Improved: Added support for server-side filtering to the Ticket Options widget


September 6, 2019

Ticket Options

·      New: Updating the Ticket Options widget to support pre-populating the filters from URL parameters

·      Improvement: Adding support for server-side filtering to the Ticket Options widget


August 16,2019

·      Fixed: Defect with the "show as panel" on the KB Categories articles widget


August 2,2019

Catalog Wizard

·      Fixed: Removed unused providers in client scripts

·      Improved: Make image inheritance conditional based on an instance option


·      New: Changing current to currentGR for RocketFuel Ticket Details

·      Improved: ImageInheritance pulls the image for items and categories 


July 19, 2019

·      Improved: Made Related List, Wizard, and RITM stages public

·      Improved: Changed variableGR per ServiceNow's health scan

·      Improved: Changed variableGR in server scripts


July 12, 2019

·      New: Added related list widget

·      New: Added aria-labels to account avatar and ticket options


·      New: Added additional rule for business service outages


July 5, 2019

Catalog Item Wizard

·      Improved: Better support for wizard widget on mobile


June 28, 2019

·      New: AddedRocketFuel Catalog Item Wizard

SC Request

·      New: Templatesupport on SC Request

·      New: Added template option

·      New: Open an incident demo page

·      New: Supports themes


June 21, 2019

Announcement Widgets

·      New: Added Title field

·      Improved: Change numbers over 1000 from integer to a string


June 17, 2019

·      New: Added RocketFuelSite Analytics widget

·      Improved: Added support for UI Actions (any action on the record)

·      Improved: Added update to Announcement Rotator

·      Improved: Updated copy-write in RocketFuel Widgets


June 7, 2019

Ticket Details

·      New: Ticket details are now public

·      New: All mandatory fields have to be completed before moving to the next section


May 31, 2019

Ticket Details

·      New: Added support for UI actions and record watcher on ticket details (Enable UI actions checkbox)

Button Link

·      Fixed: Button Link improve support for counts

·      Improved: Added support for root scope properties and broadcast - set count

·      Improved: Set property to false removes my items from the page


May 24, 2019

Ticket Filters

·     New: Added announcements capabilities

·     New: Supports translations

Ticket List Options

·      New: Contains gs.gitmessage

Ticket Details

·      Improved: ModifiedOOB Ticket Details


·      New: Beta Announcements Rotator ready for testing


May 17, 2019

·      Improved: My Account widget

·      Improved: Updating the Tabbed Data Table widget

·      Fixed: Defect in the SC Categories Widget

Ticket List

·      Improved: Adding support for opened_by, requested_for, and atch_list to the Ticket List widget


May 10, 2019

·      New: ScriptInclude - dynamic id's for both request and incidents

·      New: Added Tabbed widgets

·      New: Added SCCarousel demo data


·      Fixed: Changed to reapply catalog item security checks for sc_cart_item records

Trigger Breadcrumbs

·      Improved: Added support for sc_cart_item (items in shopping cart) for Trigger Breadcrumbs

Tickets Widget

·      Fixed: Tickets widgets by removing incident query and request query


April 26,2019

Ticket List

·      New: Supports specifying columns from the script include

·      New: Adds system property that allows you to override the image fields

·      New: Select "InstanceOptions" to configure menu

·      New: "CopyConfig to clipboard" edit configuration shortcut

·      New: Widget has a template field


April 19,2019

·     Fixed: Title widget

·     Fixed: Images in Carousel widget

Popular Items

·      Fixed: Links

·      Fixed: Animated card

·      Fixed: Popular ItemsAPI (Popular Items now check user criteria)

SC Carousel

·      New: Now supports templates (Images, HTML block)

Scripted List

·      New: Adding icons template to the Scripted List widget

·      New: Define tabs‍


April 12,2019


·      Fixed: Removed"Show users name" and "prefix"

·      Improved: Support for templates in embedded widgets

Ticket List Filter

·      New: Add support for collapsing filters


April 5, 2019


·      Improved: Now handling Social Q&A properly


·      Improved: Now handling Social Q&A properly

Mini My Items

·      Fixed: Broken “ViewAll” link

Popular Items

·      Improved: Updated SP login for

SC Category Items

·      New: Added new templates

SC Widgets

·      New: Added new templates

My Items

·      Improved: Renamed MyItems to Scripted List and adds supports for specifying a specific method to use

Popular Items

·      Improved: Refactored to query on sp_log

SC Carousal

·      Improved: Refactored to query on sp_log


March 29,2019

Trigger Breadcrumbs

·      New: Now checks permissions and user criteria


·      New: Now checks permissions and user criteria

Mini My Items

·      New: Added support for displaying a footer and header with counts

·      New: Added"View All" link support

Ticket List Options

·      New: Added support for drop downs

HTML Panel

·      New: Allows you to display HTML inside of a panel

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