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Designed for flexibility and scalability

ServiceNow Service Portals are great at handling complex ticketing, processes, and catalogues. However, when it comes to the portal end user experience, it doesn’t quite deliver. So, we created the RocketFuel UI Design System. It’s a predefined set of UI widgets designed specifically to improve usability and accelerate implementation. Because each widget has limited business logic, upgrades go smoothly.

Change Log


January 9, 2024

· SECURITY: Added table verification method and updated widgets to use it. Due to the recent security analysis regarding ServiceNow's Simple List widget (, we have taken ServiceNow's recommended measures. Please test your portal on a development instance before deploying this version of RocketFuel to upper environments.  If there are any issues related to RocketFuel widgets, please contact

· Fix: Removed title widget debugging remnants.

November 28, 2023

· Fix: RocketFuel Title - This fix addresses the issue of RocketFuel Title display "Invalid Article" when a topic_id parameter is included in the url along with the KB number. Now the RocketFuel Title will correctly use the KB Number to retrieve the article information.


October 19, 2023

· SECURITY: Marked all RocketFuel widgets as non-public. Due to the recent security analysis regarding ServiceNow's Simple List widget (, and out of an abundance of caution, this release has marked ALL RocketFuel widgets as non-public. We are aware that some public-facing pages using RocketFuel widgets may not work as expected after this change. Please test your portal on a development instance before deploying this version of RocketFuel to upper environments.  If there are any issues related to RocketFuel widgets, please contact We will continue to investigate the impact of this security bulletin and take any necessary steps to harden RocketFuel widgets as much as possible.


July 28, 2023

· Fixed: Announcement Rotator v2: Instance option 'Show widget when empty' not working.


July 7, 2023

· New: Added RocketFuel Employee Center Favorite Button widget.

· Fixed: Title widget displays incorrect information if URL contains a 'topic' parameter.


May 26, 2023

· Enhancement: Ticket Details: Add a “Show HTML Variables” option to allow for the display of HTML variables.


April 21, 2023

· Enhancement: Changed GlideRecord usage to GlideRecordSecure in Ticket Details widget.

· Enhancement: Add a progress tracker that runs dynamically across different ticket types.

· Enhancement: Improved Announcement Rotator that uses Slick instead of UIB for more flexibility and ease of use.


March 13, 2023

· Enhancement: Add a directive to embed widgets client-side.

· Enhancment: Added a method that fetches a user's recent items from both Knowledge Articles and Service Catalog items.

· Fixed: Tickets List: Pagination should truncate when there are a lot of pages.


January 5, 2023

·     Fixed: c.filter in RocketFuel Ticket Details now filters as expected


December 1, 2022

·     Fixed: RocketFuel SC Category Items no longer loads hidden items

·     Enhancement: RocketFuel Favorites List template improvements


November 3, 2022

·     Fixed: Usage of <fa> and <glyph> for Tokyo compatibility

·     Fixed: RocketFuel My Account widget to keep other URL parameters intact when switching tabs

·     Fixed: RocketFuel Tabbed Content “canSee” not working


October 6, 2022

·     Added: Ability to conditionally hide tabs in Rocketfuel Tabbed Content


September 1, 2022

·     Fixed: Minor security vulnerability on getUserPreference REST resource

·     Fixed: Minor security vulnerability on updateUserPreference

·     Fixed: RocketFuel Related List $window issue

·     Added: Record watchers to RocketFuel Approvals List


July 7, 2022


·     Enhancement: Ability to choose between ServiceNow's out-of-the-box bookmarking feature or RocketFuel's Favorites functionality.

Scripted list

·     Enhancement: Ability to forego HTML sanitization for specified properties.


May 5, 2022

Title Widget

·     Enhancement: Added support for Employee Service Center topics.

KB Article Information Widget

·     Fixed: Templates aside from the default template are now able to be selected.


April 7, 2022

·     Fixed: Allowed options to be passed into REST API “Method” Endpoint.

·     Fixed: Included whitelist check with system_property to only allow specific scripts to be run.


February 2, 2022


·     Enhancement: Now includes portal-specific bookmarks.

Shared Service

·      Fixed: Replaced a missing broadcast for the nrBookmarks directive.


January 27, 2022

Scripted List v2

·      New: This widget displays data retrieved from a method defined in a Script Include and displays that data in a list. V2 processes data fetching through the RocketFuel Shared Service, caching the data and cutting down on redundant data fetches if multiple widgets request the same data

Approvals List

·      Enhancement: Added ability to apply a custom template for the modal


January 19, 2022

Ticket List

·      Fixed: When pagination is enabled, the length property of an array that is nested in an object is referenced and not found, causing an exception.


December 23, 2021

·      New: Article Information

Ticket List

·      Enhancement: Allows parent template (currently only template for items)


·      Enhancement: Added ability to select mobile only title via option schema to default template


December 16, 2021

Language Picker

·      New: This widget can be used in ServiceNow instances where multiple languages are installed. Adding this widget to a portal page or header will allow users to update their preferred language

Favorites List

·      New: Display the users list of favorites. This widget supports multiple sorting and filtering options through its instance options and custom templates. It comes with an additional template that supports drag and drop ordering of favorites


December 9, 2021

Approval Record

·      Enhancement: Added the ability to show variables for RITM approvals. Improved styling

Approval Record

·      Fixed: Record Watcher is now working for updated records


·      Enhancement: Improved styling


November 18, 2021

Quick Links

·      Enhancement: The Quick Links title can now be dynamically updated


November 11, 2021

Widget Templates

·      Enhancement: Templates associated with RF Scripted List, RF Approvals List, and RF KB Home widgets now read **See all ** in the footer link. Additionally, links are now associated with a class to make styling easier


November 4, 2021


·      Enhancement: Adds instance option to determine fields to be fetched on each item


October 28, 2021

Ticket List

·      Enhancement: Added options.emptyState template

·      Enhancement: Ability to show all items when no filter is select

Scripted List

·      Enhancement: Fixed memory leak


October 14, 2021

Batch Approvals

·      Enhancement: Now accepts templates via the Instance Option schema


October 7, 2021

Trigger Breadcrumbs

·      Fixed: JavaScript error shows up when an sc_cat_item does not have a defined category


September 30, 2021


·      Enhancement: Added KB Category to Data Object

Batch Approvals

·      Enhancement: Removed double h4 .panel-title from default template


September 16, 2021

Batch Approvals

·      Enhancement: Allow the use of approval modal templates


September 2, 2021


·      Enhancement: Left vs right position is now configurable in mobile


·      Fixed: Use a try catch statement when calling JSON.parse(items) on the client script and wrap translatable text in a gs.getMessage call


·      Enhancement: Now supports multiple widgets and dynamic events


August 19, 2021

Equalize Height

·      Fixed: Removed api.controller prefix for nrEqualizeHeight

My Account - Assets

·      Enhancement: Added a new template option

My Account - Delegates

·      Enhancement: Added a new template option


August 12, 2021

Batch Approvals

·      Enhancement: Check mark is active when when nothing is selected


·      Enhancement: Added short_description to interpolation

·      Enhancement: Added templates to instance options


August 5, 2021


·      Fixed: No Access Token error

Trigger Breadcrumbs

·      Fixed: If an item is under more than one category, the breadcrumbs do not display the correct category

Ticket List

·      Enhancement: Add nrBookmark and nrBookmarkBtn as dependencies. Connected to LaunchPad NR Favorites update.


July 29, 2021


·      Fixed: Buttons UI not updating until second click

Ticket Details

·      Fixed: Regression hot fix (UI Actions)


·      Enhancement: Added URL Target attribute in default template

NewRocket API

·      Fixed: getPopularItems: Hotfix

Approvals List

·      Enhancement: Accept Badge Count from rootscope just like tabbed content


July 15, 2021

Tabbed Content

·      Enhancement: Asynchronous loading by default. Make tabs only load on click / initial load after page load


·      Enhancement: Update user preference fetching to use a custom endpoint to avoid the client side .getPreference methods caching.

NewRocket API

·      Enhancement: Edit getPopularItems() function to retrieve items with multiple Catalogs


·      Enhancement: Add getUserPreference to sidestep caching issue

Ticket Options

·      Enhancement: Change search placeholder text to more generic


July 8, 2021


·      Enhancement: : Style removal and updates

Ticket Details

·      Enhancement: Make catalog variables accessible to the template

Ticket List

·      Enhancement: Bug with deselecting a filter to show the empty state, then changing the date filter results in an empty list with no empty state

Approval Record

·      Enhancement: Exception thrown when approving a ritm from the modal - scope is undefined

SC Category Items

·      Enhancement: Added new template based on the design system mock-up

Bookmark Button

·      Enhancement: Stop event propagation

SC Category Buttons

·      Enhancement: Added template based on the design system mock-up


·      Enhancement: Create an updated template to resemble current designs


July 1, 2021

Sidebar Pane

·      Enhancement: Enhancement: added variable to control scrollbar visibility $nr-sidebar-scrollbar-hidden default to true

·      Fixed: Removed padding-right and box-sizing:content-box


June 24, 2021

Service Portal

·      Fixed: Favorites icon z-index


·      Fixed: Empty user preference error

SC Category Items

·      Enhancement: Logging content items now give the option to log table name


June 17, 2021

Approvals List

·      Fixed: Now Approvals list is not missing Angular provider


·      Enhancement: Categorized bookmarks in NRAPI


·      Enhancement: Added template with bookmarking


June 11, 2021


·      Enhancement: Preference failing because of GET limit

Equalize Height

·      Enhancement: Add description to know that it won't show up in Page Designer and to only use as an embedded widget


June 4, 2021


·      Enhancement: Check for input data and set options as such. spUtil expects data input and not options. Server script should account for both


May 21, 2021

Scripted List

·      Enhancement: Refactor params to pull all available in url instead of setting instance option

SC Category Item

·      Enhancement: Added table property on items in data object. Use for bookmark directive


May 14, 2021


·      Enhancement: Added the ability to style location SVG markers

My Account

·      Enhancement: Added “spUtil” to the client controller

Scripted List

·      Enhancement: Included instance options for list of url params to look for

·      Enhancement: Included instance options for list of event listeners


May 7, 2021

Batch Approvals

·      Enhancement: Added approvals selected message in Batch Approvals widget


April 23, 2021


·      Fixed: Bookmarking is not compatible with IE. (Add fallback when Promise is undefined)

·      Enhancement: Now checks if preferences exist against the title

Sidebar Menu

·      Fixed: The Sidebar Pane does not appear in the Page Designer

Bookmark Button

·      Enhancement: Added support for content_id (for Orbit content)

Batch Approvals

·      Enhancement: Added an option to change the default modal record template (nr-approval allows to specify the nr-approval-record template)

Bookmark Button

·      Enhancement: Updated to check id in url parameter to set table


April 16, 2021

Tabbed Content

·      Enhancement: Added support for passing options.templateplate

SC Category

·      Fixed: Now supports html for the SC Category’s description field, which is translated text


·      Enhancement: When catalog item or knowledge article titles change, the associated favorites will now be updated

Ticket Details

·      Enhancement: Added support for passing options.templateplate


March 19, 2021

Tabbed Content

·      Fixed: Now supports html for the SC Category’s description field, which is translated text


March 12, 2021

Tabbed Content

·      Enhancement: Added the ability to link to a specific tab of the Tabbed Content Widget (feature available in Tabbed Data Table)

Announcement Rotator

·      Enhancement: Added a functionality to dismiss announcements based on the Announcement Table

Approvals List

·      New: Created a widget that displays a list of approvals that can be approved or rejected.


March 5, 2021

Batch Approvals

·      Fixed: Prevent approval details modal from opening twice when a user double clicks on a list item


February 26, 2021


·      Fixed: Filtering when popup is active


·      New: Created a drawer widget that can come in from left or right


February 19, 2021


·      Enhancement: Added instance option for RocketFuel Map Zoom


February 12, 2021

Title & Trigger Breadcrumbs

·      Enhancement: Now uses getKBArticle method for kb article checks

Batch Approvals

·      Enhancement: Added instance option to allow approval comments


·      Fixed: Fixed value for sys_update_on

Ticket Details

·      Enhancement: Added support for displaying icon field (currently only supports picture field)


·      Fixed: Fixed two references to


February 5, 2021

Bookmark Button

·      Enhancement: Updated to grab the KB article in the server script if arriving on kb_article page from permalink

Equalize Height

·      Enhancement: Updated widget for accessibility NewRocket API

NewRocket API

·      Enhancement: Added getKBArticle method. Accepts 2 params (sys_id, sysparm_article) and returns glide record

SC Category Button

·      Fixed: The column classes should now default to col-lg-3 col-md-4 col-sm-6

Widget Deprecation

The following widgets have been deprecated:

·      My Items - Request

·      Popular Items

·      SC Order Success

·      SC Subcategories

·     SC Cart Modal


January 22, 2021

Tabbed Content

·      Enhancement: Added badge counts

NewRocket API

getBookmarks method

·      Fixed: The getBookmarks method does not read JSON.parse undefined

getApprovals method

·      Enhancement: Added support to getApprovals method to work with the Ticket Options widget


January 15, 2021

SC Wizard

·      Enhancement: Widget improvements

Animated Cards

·      Enhancement: Changed style sheet dependancies to support devices that use hover


January 8, 2021

New Release: Map Widget

·      Enhancement: Created a custom maps feature using the Mapbox api

New Release: Favorite button

·      Enhancement: Created a custom Favorite button that stores the Bookmark directive


·      Enhancement: Added a getBookmarksCount method


·      Enhancement: Now compatible with Orbit content item url format

Service Portal

·      Fixed: Now compatible with Orbit content item url format


·      Enhancement: Approval records redirects after selecting a new record


December 18, 2020

SC Category Items

·      Enhancement: Update the pagination to display a truncated view for 10 or more pages.


December 11, 2020

Sidebar Menu

·      Enhancement: Updated all ng-templates to avoid the 404 error after login

KB Categories

·      Fixed: Persist the knowledge base parameter upon click


December 4, 2020


·      Enhancement: Added the bookmark directive to most widgets

nrPanel Directive

·      Enhancement: Added support for displaying badge counts

Approval Record

·      Enhancement: Added support for overriding the modal template


November 6, 2020

Trigger Breadcrumbs

·      Fixed: Improved support for knowledge permalinks


October 30, 2020

SC Wizard

·      Fixed: Fixed validation handling for Paris release

·      Enhancement: Added new client script API


October 23, 2020

My Tickets

·      Enhancement: Added Instance Option to enable persisting user filters

Title & Breadcrumbs

·      Enhancement: Improved support for permalink URL’s


October 9, 2020

Service Portal

·      Enhancement: Updated several widgets for accessibility

RITM Stages

·      Fixed: Render the correct display value on labels with multiple parentheses


October 2, 2020

·      Enhancement: Cleaned up GIT repo


September 18, 2020


·      Enhancement: Improved support for screen readers

SC Category Items

·      Enhancement: Added support for passing an encoded query via that url with the parameter “q”

SC Category Buttons

·      Enhancement:  Improved support for multiple service catalogs


September 11, 2020

Related List

·      Enhancement: Added support for lists with Relationship type

Trigger Breadcrumbs

·      Fixed: Defect fix for KB Article permalinks


·      Fixed: Custom ng-templates are now supported

Approval Record

·      Fixed: Now correctly displays field with type: translated_html


September 4, 2020

SC Wizard

·      Enhancement: Now supports multi-row variables

·      Enhancement: Now supports unnamed containers

·      Enhancement: Improved display of standard catalog items

·      Fixed: Submit button not staying disabled


August 28, 2020


·      Enhancement: The Batch Approvals and Approvals widgets now properly set comments on the approval record


August 21, 2020

Batch Approvals

·      Fixed: Updated to prevent modal window veil from not closing correctly


August 14, 2020

Title Widget

·      Enhancement: Update title upon URL change


·      Fixed: Defect with the modal window veil not closing

·      Enhancement: Clean up the modal window templates


August 7, 2020

Related List

·      Fixed: Improved navigation on the Related List widget

Popular Items

·      Enhancement: Added support for multiple catalogs


·      Enhancement: Added support for multiple knowledge bases


·      Enhancement: Provides additional details about the record being approved

·      Enhancement: Improved RITM level actions

Ticket List

·      Enhancement: Added support for specifying the Script Include method name


July 31, 2020

Batch Approval

·      Enhancement: Refactored Batch Approval line item function

Ticket List

·      Enhancement: Added support for pagination


July 24, 2020

Bulk Approvals

·      Enhancement: You can now approve or deny individual RITMS before approving a request within the bulk approvals widget


July 10, 2020

·      New Release: Bulk Approvals widget


June 26, 2020

SC Category Items

·      Enhancement: Added a new instance option allowing  admins to choose which image from the catalog item record will be displayed on the button or card


June 5, 2020

SC Request

·      Enhancement: Added new directive (nr-datetime) to allow for flexible timestamp formatting leveraging momentJS


May 29, 2020

SC Category Items

·      Enhancement: Added logging for content items


May 22, 2020

Ticket Options

·      Enhancement: Added support for server side filtering for the status filter

New Release: Approval(s) — BETA


May 15, 2020

FAQ Widget

·      Fixed: Updated FAQ widget will now sort order_by options in descending (as opposed to ascending) order

Bookmark feature

·      New: The Bookmark feature which will store bookmarked items in a userPreference called nr.bookmarks. This implementation removes the need for a custom table, and features a new method added to NewRocketAPI called getBookmarks which will return an array of bookmarked items


April 17, 2020

SC Category

·      Fixed: Updated reference variable in SC Category Items widget

·      New: The following widgets are now marked as public to allow users with the snc_external role to view these widgets on a portal.

Calendar - BETA

My Items

Modal List Form

Menu Buttons - BETA

Embedded List

Previously Requested

My Account


April 10, 2020

Ticket Options

·      Enhancement: Added an additional template

Image Carousel

·      Fixed: The template now points to u_html. The default nr-image-carousel-default.html template referenced the html field which does not exist OOB

SC Category Items

·      Enhancement: Added support for the document viewer

Ticket Options

·      Enhancement: Added a new template that allows the filters to be placed at the top of the page


April 3, 2020

Calendar BETA

·      Enhancement: You now have visibility into events using the filter mechanism


March 27, 2020

Ticket List

·      Enhancement: You can now dynamically change templates based on an event


March 20, 2020

Sidebar Menu

·      Fixed: Updated for New York release to reference the sp_instance_menu table

Tabbed My Items Request

·      Fixed: Updated for New York release to properly fetch the stage display value


March 6, 2020

Related List

·      Enhancement: Updated Related List to include an instance option to omit any related list from view

Ticket Options

·      Enhancement: Added support for multi row variable sets (MRVS)


February 21, 2020

Ticket List

·      Enhancement: Added support for dynamic ticket options


·     Fixed: Removed ellipsis dropdown on mobile for pages that are one level deep

·     Enhancement: Admins can now remove the request page from the breadcrumbs by setting a system property

SC Category Buttons

·     Enhancement: Added catalog to widget options schema


February 14, 2020

Popular Items

·     Fixed: Order guide items now point to the order guide widget rather than the catalog item widget


February 7, 2020


·     Enhancement: Now supports setting title via event


January 24, 2020

Menu Buttons

·     New: Added Embedded List widget

·     New: Added List Form Modal widget

Ticket List

·     Fixed: Removed $rootScope event listener


·     Enhancement: Support setting title via event broadcast


January 10, 2020

Tabbed Content

·     Enhancement: New template added for responsiveness


December 19, 2019

Scripted List

·     Fixed: Updated the Scripted List to persist options when embedded

Popular Items

·     Enhancement: Persist scope and options when the widget is embedded


December 13, 2019

Ticket List

·     Fixed: Persist scope and options when the widget is embedded

Scripted List

·     Fixed: Persist scope and options when the widget is embedded


November 26, 2019

Scripted List

·     Fixed: When the widget is embedded and the page is refreshed, the widget options are now preserved


November 15, 2019

Tabbed Content

·      Enhancement: Added support for embedding widgets by instance


October 18, 2019

Tabbed Content

·      Enhancement: Ability to include multiple widgets within rows and columns

Ticket Options

·      Enhancement: Added instance option for changing the title

Scripted List

·      Fixed: Added support for embedding the widget


October 11, 2019

New Release: Menu Buttons

·      Enhancement: Create template-driven buttons based on a menu instance with menu items


October 4,2019

Tabbed Content

·      Enhancement: Supports adding multiple widgets per tab

Sidebar Pane

·      Enhancement: Added location property with support for left and right configurations


September 20,2019

·      New: Our official widget documentation is now live on

Trigger Breadcrumbs

·      Fixed: Added ACL(canRead) check to fix an issue where unauthorized users can see ticket details in breadcrumbs

Ticket List

·      Improved: Added support for triggering event "nrTicketClicked" upon record click

·      Improved: Added event "nrTicketsListLoaded" upon application of a filter

·      Improved: Added debug feature to instance options


September 13,2019

·      New: Officially switching from London to Madrid

·      New: Fixes to the Delegates Widget

SC Category Items

·      Improved: Changes the logic for SC Category Items to fetch category images using sys id's in git

Ticket Options

·      Improved: Updating the Ticket Options widget to support pre-populating the filters from URL parameters

·      Improved: Added support for server-side filtering to the Ticket Options widget


September 6, 2019

Ticket Options

·      New: Updating the Ticket Options widget to support pre-populating the filters from URL parameters

·      Improvement: Adding support for server-side filtering to the Ticket Options widget


August 16,2019

·      Fixed: Defect with the "show as panel" on the KB Categories articles widget


August 2,2019

Catalog Wizard

·      Fixed: Removed unused providers in client scripts

·      Improved: Make image inheritance conditional based on an instance option


·      New: Changing current to currentGR for RocketFuel Ticket Details

·      Improved: ImageInheritance pulls the image for items and categories 


July 19, 2019

·      Improved: Made Related List, Wizard, and RITM stages public

·      Improved: Changed variableGR per ServiceNow's health scan

·      Improved: Changed variableGR in server scripts


July 12, 2019

·      New: Added related list widget

·      New: Added aria-labels to account avatar and ticket options


·      New: Added additional rule for business service outages


July 5, 2019

Catalog Item Wizard

·      Improved: Better support for wizard widget on mobile


June 28, 2019

·      New: AddedRocketFuel Catalog Item Wizard

SC Request

·      New: Templatesupport on SC Request

·      New: Added template option

·      New: Open an incident demo page

·      New: Supports themes


June 21, 2019

Announcement Widgets

·      New: Added Title field

·      Improved: Change numbers over 1000 from integer to a string


June 17, 2019

·      New: Added RocketFuelSite Analytics widget

·      Improved: Added support for UI Actions (any action on the record)

·      Improved: Added update to Announcement Rotator

·      Improved: Updated copy-write in RocketFuel Widgets


June 7, 2019

Ticket Details

·      New: Ticket details are now public

·      New: All mandatory fields have to be completed before moving to the next section


May 31, 2019

Ticket Details

·      New: Added support for UI actions and record watcher on ticket details (Enable UI actions checkbox)

Button Link

·      Fixed: Button Link improve support for counts

·      Improved: Added support for root scope properties and broadcast - set count

·      Improved: Set property to false removes my items from the page


May 24, 2019

Ticket Filters

·     New: Added announcements capabilities

·     New: Supports translations

Ticket List Options

·      New: Contains gs.gitmessage

Ticket Details

·      Improved: ModifiedOOB Ticket Details


·      New: Beta Announcements Rotator ready for testing


May 17, 2019

·      Improved: My Account widget

·      Improved: Updating the Tabbed Data Table widget

·      Fixed: Defect in the SC Categories Widget

Ticket List

·      Improved: Adding support for opened_by, requested_for, and atch_list to the Ticket List widget


May 10, 2019

·      New: ScriptInclude - dynamic id's for both request and incidents

·      New: Added Tabbed widgets

·      New: Added SCCarousel demo data


·      Fixed: Changed to reapply catalog item security checks for sc_cart_item records

Trigger Breadcrumbs

·      Improved: Added support for sc_cart_item (items in shopping cart) for Trigger Breadcrumbs

Tickets Widget

·      Fixed: Tickets widgets by removing incident query and request query


April 26,2019

Ticket List

·      New: Supports specifying columns from the script include

·      New: Adds system property that allows you to override the image fields

·      New: Select "InstanceOptions" to configure menu

·      New: "CopyConfig to clipboard" edit configuration shortcut

·      New: Widget has a template field


April 19,2019

·     Fixed: Title widget

·     Fixed: Images in Carousel widget

Popular Items

·      Fixed: Links

·      Fixed: Animated card

·      Fixed: Popular ItemsAPI (Popular Items now check user criteria)

SC Carousel

·      New: Now supports templates (Images, HTML block)

Scripted List

·      New: Adding icons template to the Scripted List widget

·      New: Define tabs‍


April 12,2019


·      Fixed: Removed"Show users name" and "prefix"

·      Improved: Support for templates in embedded widgets

Ticket List Filter

·      New: Add support for collapsing filters


April 5, 2019


·      Improved: Now handling Social Q&A properly


·      Improved: Now handling Social Q&A properly

Mini My Items

·      Fixed: Broken “ViewAll” link

Popular Items

·      Improved: Updated SP login for

SC Category Items

·      New: Added new templates

SC Widgets

·      New: Added new templates

My Items

·      Improved: Renamed MyItems to Scripted List and adds supports for specifying a specific method to use

Popular Items

·      Improved: Refactored to query on sp_log

SC Carousal

·      Improved: Refactored to query on sp_log


March 29,2019

Trigger Breadcrumbs

·      New: Now checks permissions and user criteria


·      New: Now checks permissions and user criteria

Mini My Items

·      New: Added support for displaying a footer and header with counts

·      New: Added"View All" link support

Ticket List Options

·      New: Added support for drop downs

HTML Panel

·      New: Allows you to display HTML inside of a panel

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