Translation Assistant


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Translation Assistant

Translate what you need, nothing more, nothing less

NewRocket’s Translation Assistant solution aggregates all types of translation records into one “staging” table so it’s easier to maintain. Translation Assistant scans all of the portal pages and widgets so you only translate what is directly on the portal, nothing more, nothing less.

Installation & User Guide

Change Log


October 6, 2022

·      Added: Ability to scan inherited fields


June 2, 2022


·      Enhancement: Hid unnecessary Related Links that show prior to saving a translation scope record

·      Enhancement: Categories are now recursively scanned


May 5, 2022

ISS Logger

·      Enhancement: Timestamps are now displayed in milliseconds


·      Fixed: Scanning no longer fails on rare configuration of sp_instance records


March 3, 2022

Script Includes

·      Enhancement: Deactivated unused script includes

Custom Scopes

·      Enhancement: No longer scans sp_instance records

·      Enhancement: No longer scans sp_widget records

·      Fixed: Scanning sp_instance and sp_widget records, and sys_choice fields now works as expected


February 10, 2022

Translation Assistant

·      Fixed: Font sizing in the Translation Explorer fly-out navigator

·      Fixed: Incorrect error message when publishing to update sets

·      Fixed: Misleading tip for Translation Scope Catalog field

·      Fixed: "Scanning page please wait..." message now translates correctly in the Translation Explorer

·      Enhancement: When scanning a table, the view now defaults to the 'default' view of the selected table.


June 17, 2021

Translation Assistant

·      Fixed: Variable Labels - Now gets scanned correctly


May 21, 2021

Translation Assistant

·      Fixed: Decluttered the User Interface


May 14, 2021

Translation Assistant

·      Fixed: ServiceNow sanitize issue on TARecord

Translation Explorer

·      Enhancement: Arrow animation shouldn’t happen until clicked (not hovered)

·      Enhancement: Styling Translation Explorer to NR colors


April 30, 2021

Translation Assistant

·      Fixed: Scanned variable names from variable sets not synced properly

·      Fixed: Sync function not working on client portal

·      Fixed: UI Message Staging Records displaying "internal" UI Message key, now check to use English UI Message if present

·      Fixed: Staging Record stage value not updating as expected

·      Enhancement: Create missing choice value for Translation Type field: UI Message

Translation Explorer

·      Enhancement: Deal with Dynamic Page Titles (ex. %name)

Page Identifier

·      Fixed: Not working when sp_log contains records with empty page field

Sync UI Action:

·      Fixed: Stay on page


April 9, 2021

Translation Assistant

·      Enhancement: Rename ISS to Translation Assistant

Translation Explorer

·      Enhancement: Updated UI icon

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