Handle Compliance Requests in Record Time

Do you use lots of spreadsheets and manual processes to monitor the compliance of  your processes? Go beyond tedious data hunts and into proactive proof with NewRocket Enhanced Compliance Competencies. Manage audits proactively and  prove adherence to external regulators.

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Key Benefits


ServiceNow CSM (Customer Service Management)
Defined and connected books of record

Provide your organization with a centralized repository for all compliance-related information. Take that further by then linking that information to specific regulations and requirements and the related audit requests. Having a single pane of glass for all compliance-related activities improves compliance outcomes and reduces the risk of compliance-related issues.

  • Integration of critical information
  • Better data relationships
  • Managed access to integrated information
ServiceNow CSM (Customer Service Management)
Visibility into past and current requests

Don't let your past efforts go to waste. Gain the visibility you need to use past requests accelerate your ability to respond to current and future requests. Identify trends and information and process improvement opportunities with integrated dashboards. Real-time visibility into the status and progress of current requests not only gives you valuable insight, it allows you to provide stakeholders the up-to-date information they need.

  • Accelerate responses
  • Notifications and reports to keep stakeholders informed
  • Dashboards and real-time reports
ServiceNow CSM (Customer Service Management)
Proactive, shared regulatory status reports

Get ahead of the requests with proactive status reports. You will have the ability to generate tailored regulatory status reports based on specific compliance requirements and regulations and provide those reports in to stakeholders in real-time. With better system integration, you can proactively identify potential compliance issues and take corrective action before they become problems.

  • Tailorable regulatory status reports
  • Real-time information for stakeholders
  • Proactive risk identification
ServiceNow CSM (Customer Service Management)
Standardized intake and translation of requests

Reduce or eliminate delays at the beginning of the process with a more standardized intake process. You'll be able to collect the right information for your team to respond efficiently and accurately to the request. Translating requests into a consistent process is well supported since the solution uses a robust, flexible workflow engine and business rules.

  • Configurable intake forms
  • Configurable business rules
  • Configurable workflow

Enterprise Compliance Monitoring Lacking in Most Organizations

Only 47% of chief compliance officers say that their organization has an enterprise-wide reporting system and across functions and business units that integrates with compliance monitoring.

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