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Elevate Employee Satisfaction With a Better Employee Center Experience

Are you looking for a way to quickly take your self-service portal to a new level of polish and usability? Go beyond a basic Employee Center portal and into an extraordinary employee experience with the NewRocket Portal Quick Start. Increase adoption and efficiency with a rapid upgrade to the default experience.

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Key Benefits


ServiceNow Employee Center Features Targeted Content
Branded Employee Center portal

Users adopt software more easily when the interface is attractive and familiar. Give your Employee Center portal a face-lift with better layout and tightly integrated branding. These cosmetic and user experience improvements help get employees to the portal the first time and make them want to come back.

  • Alignment to your company's branding guidelines
  • Page layout improvements
  • Light and dark mode
ServiceNow Employee Center Features Curated Experiences
Improved self-service options

Move away from slow and expensive support channels like phone and email and take advantage of the self-service options you can present through a portal. Employees will be able to get immediate answers from a searchable knowledge base. When they need further assistance, you can present a catalog of request forms that can structure requests to reduce resolution time. Avoid wasting  time answering "What's the status of my ticket?" by presenting the  up-to-the-minute status of all of the user's requests directly on the portal.

  • Knowledge base
  • Catalog of request forms
  • Ticket status
ServiceNow Employee Center Features Employee Centered Experience
Improved knowledge and catalog experience

Combine knowledge articles and request forms into topical pages that align with how employees think about the services and support they need. Group and categorize those pages into a menu and navigation structure that is easy to understand and navigate. By making these critical improvements to the knowledge and catalog experience, you'll be able to improve productivity and user satisfaction while lowering support costs.

  • Topical pages
  • Improved navigation
ServiceNow Employee Center Features Topical Pages
Scalable architecture

The NewRocket Portal Quick Start sets a foundation for scalability. As more  services and departments are added, the navigation structure can adapt to  accommodate the additional scope. As new feature requests roll in, your team can configure components and settings - and even add new components - without  adding technical debt.

  • Scalable navigation scheme
  • Configurable component library
  • Extensible platform

Operational Benefits

Improving the employee workplace experience is the No. 1 priority for 67% of corporate real estate leaders who are increasingly working with the digital workplace team to optimize the hybrid experience.    

By 2025, corporate workspace allocation will flip from 70% individual  workstations and 30% collaborative space to 30% individual and 70% collaborative space. By 2025, less than 5% of desk workers will prefer to work from a corporate workplace full time, down from 17% in 2021.    

By 2027, 80% of millennial workers will prefer to spend their time in various workplaces rather than full-time remote or full-time work from the office, up from 61% in 2021. By 2024, organizations with a persistent cross-functional team tasked with workplace experience strategy will be 80% more likely to have high employee satisfaction with the workplace.    

Gartner, 2023 Market Guide for Workplace Experience Applications

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