National Fitness Centers

Friction-free Customer Interactions

We enabled employees to engage and easily get help in an omni-channel fashion (email, phone, or portal).


Our client runs a network of chic fitness across the United States.

The Challenge

Our client needed to implement custom branding into their OOB portal and host several knowledge articles for users based on roles, location, and legacy company. The challenge would be improving the efficiency of the portal while simultaneously creating a new taxonomy to help users find relevant information quickly.

Project Highlights

Improved Ticket Reassignment
Reduced Number of Customer Phone Calls via Self Service
More Efficient in Solving Customer Issues
Saved $500,000 Per Year

The Solution

We built a business case to show that the system could pay for itself in terms of the efficiencies it would introduce, and commissioned to implement it. We helped our client to validate the ability of ServiceNow's ITSM solution to meet the demand and scale as more customers signed up. They have ensured that their customer app puts in an exceptional performance - leading to a growing number of happy customers who keep on coming.

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