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Provide Platform Support and Enhancement Services with a dedicated team to the client. The scope of services include:

  1. Enhancement Services in:
  • Request Management
  • Case Management
  • Change Management
  • Integrations
  • SIF (Integration Framework)
  • Hardware Asset Management
  • Field Case
  • Project Management
  • Incident Management
  • Field Dispatch
  • Quality Assurance & Release coordination
  • Platform administration including executing Changes
  • Incident response and triage

The Challenge

High demand for enhancements to meet business objectives required an increase in throughput and velocity. Additionally, technical debt and platform health needed improvement.

The Solution

NewRocket's Managed Services crew helped improve overall efficiency with ServiceNow. NewRocket was able to provide expert support, complete platform updates efficiently and effectively to meet business demand, optimize the platform to enhance and align with our business processes, complete testing activities to ensure quality delivery and provide platform architectural oversight to ensure feasibility of solutions. This led to increased productivity, improved operational efficiency, and reduced costs associated with manual processes.
Outcomes delivered
Integrated team to deliver value with the ability to bring in the appropriate skill set when needed.
Improved user experience.
012023: Quality delivery resulted in no stories causing a Pl Incident.
Reduced story and catalog task age.
Average story age was improved from 19 days in November 2022 to 11 days in February 2023.
Increased delivery velocity with development, OA and Platform Adm in.
Increased platform health score.
Platform Health
Platform Health has improved from 71% to 83%.
Improved User Experience
We took the ServiceNow Healthscan report as the base to improve the overall Health of the Instance. Our primary focus was to improve the low hanging and most impactful areas in Security, Performance and Upgradeability category. Then moving to Manageability and User Experience. With the help of the Healthscan report and CodeWorks findings, we have been able to formalize Development standards; thereby educating all internal developers to follow the same.

Advantage NewRocket

A dedicated crew of highly skilled and certified resources with expertise across the Platform to supplement the client's existing Service Now team. NewRocket Managed Services has helped prioritize and deliver client business outcomes, enabling them to mature their Service Now journey through governance, reporting, and establishing repeatable processes.

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