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We created a digital experience that puts content management and employee communication in focus.


Our client is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing military medicine. They serve as a link between the military medical community and the millions of American service families and veterans who benefit from the results of their research.

Macbook Design of HJF ServiceNow Intranet


  • Research & Insights
  • Catalog Consulting
  • Wireframe Design
  • High Fidelity Mockups
  • Clickable Prototypes
  • Custom Service Portal Development


The Challenge

HJF’s previous intranet, built on a legacy system, had regular traffic but limited capabilities and low engagement. The team ultimately selected ServiceNow for the new intranet, Compass, due to the balance between functionality and implementation cost. We needed to deliver a compelling and easy to maintain digital experience to address HJF’s critical communications needs.


Project Highlights

Content Ownership ServiceNow Intranet Feature

Content Ownership

Helped leaders and team members maintain content without bottlenecks

Integration Community ServiceNow Intranet Feature

Integration with Community

Integrated ServiceNow’s Community plugin for event registration, blog content, forums, and key points of interest

System of Engagement ServiceNow Intranet Feature

System of Engagement

Embedded gamification to keep employees engaged in the platform

Employee Spotlight ServiceNow Intranet Feature

Employee Spotlight

Added a feature that highlights employees throughout the organization

Multi Department ServiceNow Intranet Feature

Multi-Department Intranet

Maintained consistency across departments while allowing each
department to own its experience

Landing Pages ServiceNow Intranet Feature

Landing Pages

Focused communication with custom landing pages for key departments


The Solution

Extended the ServiceNow platform to deliver an intuitive and engaging digital workplace experience. Our decentralized management functionality allows content owners to effectively communicate with their target audience and curate relevant content.

Old vs New ServiceNow Intranet Design
Macbook Example of ServiceNow Intranet Design for HJF
ServiceNow Intranet Homepage Design for HJF


Orbit Benefits

Content Administration

The NewRocket Orbit Content Management System allows each department to publish their own content and drive user engagement without administrative assistance from IT.

Content Administration Feature for the HJF Service Portal Intranet on ServiceNow
Keep Content Fresh Feature for the HJF Service Portal Intranet on ServiceNow

Keep Content Fresh

ServiceNow's engagement solutions were tailored to give content managers access to editing features directly from the portal using a conditionally visible "Edit" button.

Gain Insights

The Service Portal framework gives admins access to ratings, comments, and suggestions from users to create better, engaging content for the organization.

Gain Insights Feature for the HJF Service Portal Intranet on ServiceNow
Desktop Example of HJF ServiceNow Intranet Service PortalMobile Example of HJF ServiceNow Intranet


User Interface

UI of ServiceNow Intranet for HJF
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