Hardening your Moving Environment: Accelerating Detection & Remediation to Build Cyber Resiliency

June 21, 2022

Vulnerabilities no longer exist only in your data center; they are on the move, within all your mobile devices, creating endless opportunities for a digital attack. The race is on, with attackers discovering vulnerabilities by the minute. So how do you secure your moving targets and ultimately build a trusted relationship between your IT and SecOps teams that will create future operational resiliency?

Join NewRocket’s Kirk Hogan, VP of ITx Integrations, Dale Van Looyen, Director of Business Process Architecture ITAM Practice, and Klaudius Malinowski, Security & Risk Solution Sales at ServiceNow for a lively discussion on prioritized steps you can take to make your moving attack surface diamond hard. Learn how to identify all the assets on your attack surface, address existing threats quickly, and finally, how to apply ongoing management and patch configuration. You’ll also discover ways to pre-determine when vulnerabilities might occur – that’s true futureproofing for your organization!

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