Are You Controlling Your IT Assets Or Are They Controlling You?


IT asset management is at the center of every organization and the heart to many business issues. Join NewRocket’s Mukul Sharma, James Osborne, Kirk Hogan and Chris Grassi for the first episode of the series to discuss:

  • What exactly is IT asset management and why you need to get a handle on it right now.
  • How getting visibility of your assets can alleviate extraordinary risk from your business.
  • Ways IT asset management can get out of control that you may not have thought of.
  • The path to better IT asset management.

Join us as we map out a comprehensive path to refined IT asset management. This webinar will help you recalibrate your approach and chart a course toward a safer, more resilient organization.


Chris Grassi, VP and MD EMEA, NewRocket
Mukul Sharma, Chief Growth Officer, NewRocket
Kirk Hogan, VP of Technology, Platform and Integrations Strategy, NewRocket
James Osborne, Security, Risk & Resilience Specialist, NewRocket

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