Optimize Decisions With Trustworthy Hardware Data

Do you need to improve the accuracy of your hardware asset data? Go beyond manual processes and spreadsheets and into making decisions based on data you can trust with NewRocket Hardware Asset Management Quick Start. Get more from  your hardware assets while lowering costs.

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Key Benefits


ServiceNow CSM (Customer Service Management)
Integration with request management

Improving how employees request hardware pays big dividends later in the asset lifecycle. You'll be able to create a request catalog that standardizes what can be ordered and how it may be configured to improve the consistency of your inventory. Standardized approval processes reduce errors and improve compliance with procurement policies to help manage costs. Employees will even be able to track the entire process without calling the Service Desk.

  • Standardized requests and approvals
  • Request status tracking and notifications
  • Integration with fulfillment processes
ServiceNow CSM (Customer Service Management)
Improve reclamation, disposal, and legal holds

HAM is not just about getting the asset in the door. You'll be able to optimize asset end-of-life as well. Track assets that are not longer in use or needed so they can be reclaimed or repurposed. When disposing of assets, ensure they are disposed of in a compliant and environmentally responsible manner. In cases when the asset is subject to litigation or investigation, you can ensure the evidence is secure.

  • Reduce cost and risk
  • Preserve evidence
  • Avoid fines and penalties
ServiceNow CSM (Customer Service Management)
Process improvement and automation

Having a reliable and comprehensive database of all hardware assets boosts process efficiency, accuracy, and decision making. Streamline the entire asset lifecycle: request, procurement, provisioning, reuse, and retirement. Spend less time managing the assets while also reducing risks by standardizing and automating processes.

  • Centralized management
  • Standardized and automated lifecycle processes
  • Robust integration capabilities
ServiceNow CSM (Customer Service Management)
Dashboard and reports

Make informed decisions and take actions to improve your IT infrastructure with robust dashboards and real-time reports. This visibility helps you identify trends and issues that impact asset utilization, compliance status and lifecycle status. Standard reporting can be automated to save you time while ServiceNow's configurability ensures that you can focus on the data that matters the most in the moment.

  • Improve decision-making during the entire lifecycle
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce risk

Operational Benefits

Improving the employee workplace experience is the No. 1 priority for 67% of corporate real estate leaders who are increasingly working with the digital workplace team to optimize the hybrid experience.    

By 2025, corporate workspace allocation will flip from 70% individual  workstations and 30% collaborative space to 30% individual and 70% collaborative space. By 2025, less than 5% of desk workers will prefer to work from a corporate workplace full time, down from 17% in 2021.    

By 2027, 80% of millennial workers will prefer to spend their time in various workplaces rather than full-time remote or full-time work from the office, up from 61% in 2021. By 2024, organizations with a persistent cross-functional team tasked with workplace experience strategy will be 80% more likely to have high employee satisfaction with the workplace.    

Gartner, 2023 Market Guide for Workplace Experience Applications

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