Elevate Customer Experience and Improve Profitability for your Managed Services Organization with ServiceNow

Do you need a better customer management platform to support your scalability, security, decision-making and profitability goals? Go beyond constrained architecture and poor collaboration and into accelerating value with NewRocket’s Streamline MSP Operations offering. Modernize your service delivery to create a holistic view of your customers while improving security, compliance, and your bottom line.

Key Benefits

How can ServiceNow help Revenue outpace Cost for MSPs?

Transform your entire technology stack and rethink technology strategy. NewRocket’s best practice framework for MSPs reveals a real 360º view of customer data at every agent’s fingertips, providing a customer-centric view of a service portfolio that shows all entitlements and related consumption of services. Utilize reporting to proactively understand impacted customers and service offering value, a CRM connected in real time so that agents and salespeople understand the state of the account at any given time, an omnichannel portal, and a one-stop-shop for customer experience for anything related to service offerings, assets, billing and invoicing. Building a robust service portfolio and a sophisticated domain architecture becomes the foundations to driving down cost, increasing profitability, and improve customer satisfaction.


Operational Benefits

Unlock  the benefits of a better customer experience
Companies  that effectively organize and manage customer experience can realize a 20  percent improvement in customer satisfaction, a 15 percent increase in sales  conversion, a 30 percent lower cost-to-serve, and a 30 percent increase in  employee engagement.
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Back-office  not keeping pace with front-office requirements
Nearly  50% of enterprises say their back-office is not keeping pace with  front-office requirements.
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