Employee Experiences to Replace the Legacy Intranet

Go beyond a standard intranet experience by taking advantage of the ServiceNow platform. Make your intranet an engaging place where people get things done.

Deliver a Better Digital Workplace

ServiceNow Intranet Coordinated Engagement

Coordinated Engagement

Engage and coordinate the efforts of all employees.

ServiceNow Intranet Effective Communication Feature

Effective Communication

Communicate the right information at the right time.

ServiceNow Intranet Actionable Information Feature

Actionable Information

Drive action by tapping into the results driven functionality of ServiceNow.

ServiceNow Intranet Extensible Platform Feature


Take the experience where you need it to go.

Coordinated Engagement

It’s not just about engaging individual employees. To get the most out of your intranet, you need to engage and coordinate the efforts of all employees. The NewRocket Digital Workplace solution combines a compelling user experience and useful features with ServiceNow’s powerful workflow engine to create a system of coordinated engagement.

ServiceNow Intranet NewRocket Design
ServiceNow Intranet Process Support and Coordination

Process Support and Coordination

Enable your employees. Enable your teams. Enable your company to move forward together.

  • Training Management
  • Idea Management
  • Request Management
  • Self Service
ServiceNow Intranet Employee Support Resources

Employee Support Resources

Allow your employees to quickly resolve their issues with access to self-service resources.

  • Knowledge Base
  • Service Catalog
  • Chat/Virtual Chat
  • Contact Channels
ServiceNow Intranet Sites and Pages

Sites and Pages

Empower teams, departments, and communities with dedicated sites and pages they can easily maintain on their own.

  • Sites
  • Department Landing Pages
ServiceNow Intranet Mobile Access Feature

Mobile Access

Optimize your intranet to meet the needs of your workforce when and where they need it.

  • Responsive Design
  • Native Mobile Apps

Effective Communication

Keeping your team and organization connected and informed is vital, but communicating irrelevant information is unproductive. An engaging intranet experience brings together tools, colleagues and information that is relevant, timely, and enhances communication so you can get stuff done.

ServiceNow Intranet Targeted Content

Targeted Content

Use ServiceNow features like campaigns, content delivery, and user criteria to get the right content to the right people at the right time.

  • Announcements & Alerts
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Metrics
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Executive Communications
ServiceNow Intranet Content Governance

Content Governance

Prevent your intranet from becoming a black hole of useless, unvetted information and inconsistency by implementing content governance best practices.

  • Article Valid From/To Dates
  • Fine-grained permissions
  • Article templates
  • Content authoring permissions
ServiceNow Intranet User Personalization Feature


Put the power of personalization into the hands of your users to tailor the experience around what’s most important to them.

  • Suggested Catalog Items
  • Suggested Knowledge
  • Favorites
  • Content Governance
ServiceNow Intranet NewRocket Responsive Design

Actionable Information

Enable your content to drive action by tapping into the results driven functionality of ServiceNow. Through contemporary social enhancements and powerful search capabilities, transform your static content into a tool your organization can leverage for action.

ServiceNow Intranet NewRocket Mobile Designs
ServiceNow Intranet Company Communications Feature

Company Communications

Targeted company communication plays a vital role in your intranet by clarifying important news, reinforcing company culture, and driving employees to the information that impacts them the most.

  • Job Openings
  • Surveys/Polls
  • Gamification
  • Milestones
ServiceNow Intranet Search Driven Tools

Search-Driven Tools

Find the right stuff right when you need it. Sift through thousands of pieces of information to find exactly what you are looking for so that you can take action.

  • Smart Search
  • Employee directory & profiles
  • Location directory
  • Employee Org chart
ServiceNow Intranet Social Collaboration Feature

Social Collaboration

Enable employees and your company to connect through features and functionality similar to the most popular and familiar social platforms.

  • Events calendar/registration
  • Community pages
  • Chat/Virtual Chat
  • Social Feeds

Extensible Platform

Leverage the system of engagement to build a powerful yet flexible digital workplace that will become your company’s single destination to get things done. With one tool as your communications and process management platform, integration is seamless. Administrators and Employees benefit from a centralized, efficient, and intuitive experience.

ServiceNow Intranet Content Maintenance Feature

Content Maintenance

Whether your intranet needs to deliver a flexible framework or a rigid structure, our system makes it easy to maintain, customize and tailor to your company’s specific needs.

  • CMS
  • Knowledge management
  • Delegated administration
  • Fine-grained access control
  • Content Workflow
ServiceNow Intranet Analytics and Integrations Feature

Analytics & Integrations

Set up your intranet for success by leveraging the power of other specialized tools and by measuring your results.

  • Adoption metrics
  • SSO
  • Custom Integrations
ServiceNow Intranet Page Designs

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