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Are you struggling with customer satisfaction and retention issues? Go beyond customer workflows and into customer loyalty with NewRocket Customer Experience. Deliver a personalized, streamlined experience that will satisfy customers and value the services you offer.

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Key Benefits


ServiceNow CSM (Customer Service Management)
Better omni-channel support

Support customers where it is most convenient for them by providing an omni-channel support model with intake from email, chat, social media, phone, and portal. You can improve and automate the information collected through each of those channels. Case information can then be automatically categorized and routed to the right team. The experience in each channel may be optimized to the unique characteristics and expectations of those channels.

  • Automatic email to case conversion
  • Chat with virtual agent
  • Self-service portal
ServiceNow CSM (Customer Service Management)
Self-service knowledge and catalog

Help your customers find what they are looking for with a better organized knowledge base and self-service catalog of request forms. Optimize the experience for both searching and browsing to maximize the benefit of these tools for both your customers and your support staff. If you are just starting out and building up the knowledge and catalog available to customers, we can help with that too.

  • Better navigation
  • Usage tracking and optimization
  • Gap analysis and remediation
ServiceNow CSM (Customer Service Management)
Intuitive search

At least half of your customers will depend on search to find what they are looking for on your support site. Don't let them down. Make your knowledge, catalog and other resources more discoverable through search optimization. You'll be able to identify issues with your current content and learn ways to immediately improve and maintain better searchability.

  • Usage analysis and monitoring
  • Best practice recommendations
  • Better search results with help from machine learning
ServiceNow CSM (Customer Service Management)
Managed access

Customer portals that support multiple contacts from a single account will benefit from our contact and access management capabilities. If you allow it, customers will be able to administer their own contacts and manage the permission level of those contacts. Allowing self-service in this area takes a huge burden off of your support team and empowers your customers.

  • Contact administration
  • Optional self-service account creation
  • Multiple permission levels

Operational Benefits

Unlock  the benefits of a better customer experience
Companies  that effectively organize and manage customer experience can realize a 20  percent improvement in customer satisfaction, a 15 percent increase in sales  conversion, a 30 percent lower cost-to-serve, and a 30 percent increase in  employee engagement.
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Back-office  not keeping pace with front-office requirements
Nearly  50% of enterprises say their back-office is not keeping pace with  front-office requirements.
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