Features That Take Your Content to a New Level

The Orbit Content Management System powers effective organizational communication with the flexibility you want and the control you need.

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ServiceNow CMS Delegated Content Management NewRocket

Delegated Content Administration

Remove bottlenecks while improving information delivery by delegating content authoring and maintenance to stakeholders in the business.

ServiceNow CMS Streamline Authoring NewRocket

Streamlined Authoring Experience

Let your authors focus on what is needed and relevant instead of becoming confused by deep navigation and irrelevant options.

ServiceNow CMS Custom Content Types NewRocket

Custom Content Types

Structure your content the way you need it with support for everything from simple links to full, responsive page layouts.

ServiceNow CMS Content REST API NewRocket

Content REST API

Gain flexibility in the presentation layer by accessing content through an API that even allows access to content from outside of ServiceNow.

ServiceNow CMS Content Visibility NewRocket

Conditional Content Visibility

Empower your authors to get the right content to the right people at the right time through content audience selection.

ServiceNow CMS Content Governance NewRocket

Content Governance Controls

Prevent your intranet from becoming a black hole of useless, unvetted information through the use of approval workflows and validity dates.

ServiceNow CMS HTML Editor NewRocket

Enhanced HTML Editor

Improve styling and maintainability with an enhanced editor that gives you the power to create rich, engaging content while ensuring consistent formatting across documents.

ServiceNow CMS Reusable Blocks Snippets NewRocket

Reusable Blocks & Snippets

Create at rocket speed using reusable, company specific content blocks and snippets like headers and expandable sections.

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ServiceNow CMS Directory NewRocketServiceNow CMS Flexible Components
ServiceNow CMS Business Stakeholders Maintain Content

Business Stakeholders Maintain the Content

The real data owners, subject matter experts in the business, administer content using a streamlined UI instead of relying on IT or ServiceNow’s administrative UI.

  • Content publishing
  • Image management
  • Article templates
  • Curated lists
ServiceNow CMS Flexible Portal Design NewRocket

Flexibility Where You Want It

Custom content type, source-specific approval workflows, API access, and reusable block creation support the unique needs of your business now and in the future.

  • Drag-and-drop UI
  • Customizable business logic
  • Template creation
  • Extensible editing interface
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NewRocket purple element.NewRocket control and governance features for a ServiceNow content management system.
ServiceNow CMS Control and Maintenance

Control Where You Need It

Content types with built-in governance controls and an enhanced HTML editor ensure that the right people see the information in all of its consistently beautiful glory.

  • Author & Consumer access controls
  • Version history
  • Visibility time frames
  • Content style controls
ServiceNow CMS Extend Platform NewRocket

Extend the ServiceNow Platform

Leverage the ServiceNow platform to implement the latest changes in a sustainable fashion. Pull updates from our repository when you are ready for them.

  • Frequent enhancement
  • Expert support
  • Client-driven innovation
  • Proven results
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ServiceNow CMS Own Digital Workplace Experience NewRocket

Own Your Digital Workplace Experience

Deliver an extraordinary experience with the governance and flexibility your organization needs.

  • Coordinate Engagement
  • Improve User Experience
  • Empower the Organization
  • Leverage the ServiceNow Platform
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