Multi-Billion Dollar Software Company

Maximize Cloud Efficiency

We provided a stabilized architecture for an external cloud application with multiple users.


This Software Company, offers higher education software, technology management, cloud services, management consulting, and analytics solutions for 2,400 institutions with 18 million students across 40 countries.

The Challenge

This Software Company needed to increase efficiencies in supporting their external customers (higher education institutions using their cloud application) as well as their internal employees. In addition, They had a manual process for managing cases, a high volume of cases, no self-service, and struggled to expand internationally due to GDPR compliance.

Project Outcomes

Improvement in NPS
Eliminate manual case creation in duplicate systems
Cost reduction through case deflection to self service

The Solution

We created an integrated approach to standardize the CSM platform. This allowed us to craft a unique "lift-and-shift" from a 10+-year-old Oracle backend database to a current environment. Along with building a migration plan that took a highly customized ITSM configuration to out-of-the-box configured CSM licenses to accommodate external use cases. GDPR regulation compliance was addressed for the external customer data use cases.

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