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User-centric Design Model

ServiceNow Service Portal
We created a single portal to facilitate a seamless user experience across multiple internally branded departments.


Non-profit healthcare provider serving more than 1 million people each year, in over 40 locations, with over 2,000 physicians and 10,000 employees nationwide.

The Challenge

The healthcare provider wanted to create a portal that avoided generic record producers and disparate user experiences. The previous portal lacked an intuitive navigation structure and comprehensive catalog that didn't provide visibility into the knowledge base. Users reported they were not able to find what they were looking for and defaulted to a common pattern of incident creation as the first course of action.

The Solution

The new portal featured a multi-department, user-centric design model. We created an intuitive taxonomy and catalog and knowledge navigation and filtering process. We also provided the ability to quickly access ticket status as well as the ability to favorite content throughout the portal. The use of simple icons and contextual search created an easy to use system to access and interact with their IT & HR departments.

Medical Center Wireframe Design Example
Medical Center ServiceNow Service Portal Design
ServiceNow Service Portal Design for Medical Center


  • Catalog Consulting
  • Clickable Prototypes
  • High Fidelity Mockups
  • Research & Insights
  • Service Portal Development
  • Wireframe Design
iPad Mockup Medical Center Service Portal DesignDevice Mockups for Medical Center Service Portal Case Study
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