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The client experienced challenges with resourcing and maintaining their Platform. The client was seeking cross Platform capabilities and desired a partner to lead and advise. The client engaged NewRocket for our expertise in Platform management, demand backlog reduction, MSP, and Domain Separation. Provide Platform Support Services to client. The scope of services included:

  • Request Management
  • Case Management
  • Reporting/Dashboards
  • Integrations
  • CMDB
  • Incident Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Enhancements
  • Patching/Upgrades
  • Domain Separation

The Challenge

Maintaining and upskilling internal resources was getting in the way of our digital transformation journey, and we lacked the expertise in implementing best practice security recommendations for our MSP environment.

The Solution

Maintaining the client's ServiceNow platform is essential to ensure its stability, performance, and security.The NewRocket team introduced stability to the Platform by performing regularly scheduled maintenance and identifying and addressing any performance issues, errors, and bugs, leading to a more stable and reliable environment for end users.The team comprising highly skilled and certified crew members provided best practice recommendations that lead to identifying the need to implement Domain Separation to provide OOTB system security for MSP.
Outcomes delivered
Identified a solution for post-upgrade code changes necessary to maintain pre-upgrade portal functionality.
Architect involvement in Story review t o confirm the feasibility.
Resolved security vulnerability that exposed external client data to other clients within the system.
Maintaining a highly available, current, and secure Platform.
Resolved a critical security incident by reviewing and modifying a complex inbound action structure.

Advantage NewRocket

A dedicated crew of highly skilled and certified resources with expertise across the Platform to supplement the client's existing Service Now team. NewRocket Managed Services has helped prioritize and deliver client business outcomes, enabling them to mature their Service Now journey through governance, reporting, and establishing repeatable processes.

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