Global Energy Giant

Delivering a Great Employee Experience with ServiceNow

We enabled employees to engage and easily get help in an omni-channel fashion (email, phone, or portal).


Our client is a global giant in the energy and automation solutions business, with around 135,000 employees who work in 17 different languages.

The Challenge

The company needed an enterprise software solution that could handle complex workflows at scale. We worked with them to make the right choice for their business, alighting on ServiceNow as the platform that would revolutionize the way they manage the employee experience.

The Solution

Since go live, our client has handled over 1 million requests at a rate of c.400,000 per year. Their annual upgrades now happen over the course of a few weeks instead of months as had been their previous experience. The company continues to innovate on the platform, using ServiceNow's Return-to-Work software, enabling people to stay safe as they restart their working lives back at the office.

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