## Content Items
Content Items are created to render images, text, links, or other items to a portal. Content Sources must be created to manage one or more Content Items. The steps to create a Content Source are documented in the User Guide. The configuration options when creating a new Content Item will depend on the Type of the Content Source. For example if a Content Source was created of Type “Article”, then any Content Items created within that Source will also be of Type “Article”. The various configuration options are documented below based on the Type of a Content Item.

### Title
Content Item title.

### Short Description
A short description of this Content Item.

### Image
Upload up to 1 image file. Supported files include .png, .jpg, or .svg.

### Valid from
Enter a starting date and time when this Content Item will be visible.

### Valid to
Enter an ending date and time when this Content Item will no longer be visible.

### Audience
Only allow access to this Content Item to a specified User Criteria.

### Order
Order values are expressed as numbers typically in increments of 100. When multiple content items are listed, those with a lower order value are displayed first.

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