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RocketFuel Tabbed My Account


### Description

This widget allows users to modify their account information, update a live profile picture, add and remove delegates, and view assets and team members. It can also be configured to allow users to see specific data in a tabbed interface. You may also configure this widget to display embedded widgets within any single tab.

### Configuration

If you wish to customize this widget, once it is on the page, right-click on it to open the options, and click 'copy config to clipboard', which is the last option. Then, right-click the widget once again, and this time choose 'Instance in Page Editor'. Paste the config into the JSON field, and then modify the options as needed.

### Instance Options

|  Option       | Property | Comments | Source |
| ----- |:-----:| ---- | ---- |
| Additional options JSON format | `options` | JSON entered here will be used to configure this widget. | Instance |
| Tabs | `tabs` | Specifies an array of tabs to display across the top of the widget. |  |
| Table | `table` | Specifies a particular table to use for a tab. |  |
| ID | `id` | Specifies a hash name for quick access to a specific tab through the URL.  |  |
| Page | `page` | Specifies which page to take the user to when they click on of the the records generated in the list. |  |
| Widget ID | `widget_id` | Specifies which widget you would like to use on a specific tab. The property takes a widget ID. The ID of the widget that generates record lists in the default configuration is nr-request-list. |  |
| Filters | `filters` | Specifies an array of specific filters that are displayed to the user in the form of buttons. The filters property takes an array of objects (see sample data). |  |
| Label | `label` | Specifies a label for a specific filter to be displayed on the related tab as a button beneath the tab area. |  |
| Filter (encoded query) | `filter` | Specifies an encoded query for a specific filter to be displayed on the related tab as a button beneath the tab area. |  |
| Active | `active` | Specifies whether or not a filter is active. |  |

### CSS/SASS Variables

_CSS/SASS variables are given default values that can be overridden with theming or portal-level CSS._

| Variable | Comments |
| -------- |:-------------:|
| `$nr-my-account-tab-active` | This variable controls the background color of an active tab. |

### Sample Data

"options": {
"tabs": [
"id": "about",
"title": "About",
"icon": "fa-info-circle",
"widget_id": "widget-form",
"options": {
"table": "sys_user",
"view": "sp",
"omitHeaderOptions": "true",
"hideRelatedLists": true,
"disableUIActions": "true"
"id": "team",
"title": "Team",
"icon": "fa-users",
"widget_id": "nr-team",
"options": {}
"id": "assets",
"title": "Assets",
"icon": "fa-desktop",
"widget_id": "nr-my-assets",
"options": {}
"id": "delegate",
"title": "Delegates",
"icon": " fa-plane",
"widget_id": "nr-user-delegates",
"options": {}

### Dependencies
_Dependencies are included and configured as part of the provided Update Set._

> None

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