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### Description

This widget displays a title and optional description. It can also be configured to dynamically pull a title from one of several tables in the system.

### Configuration

Configure this widget through the instance options.

### Widget Option Schema Parameters

This widget allows for easy customization of the title, an optional description, CSS classes which are applied to the parent element, dynamically displayed system titles in place of a custom title,  and specifying what size you want title text to be. In addition, this widget has access to the user object, and can pull any of the user's fields, such as the first name, in the format below:

Hi {{first_name}}, how can we help today?

This will display the logged-in user's first name, as shown in the demo above.

|  Option       | Variable | Comments |
| ----- |:-----:| ---- |
| Title | `title` | This field controls the text which is displayed in the title area. |
| Short description | `short_description` | This field controls the text which is optionally displayed below the title. |
| Bootstrap class name | `class_name` | This field accepts CSS classes to be applied to the parent element. |
| Show | `show` | This field controls what drives the dynamic title to be displayed in the title area; the default value title will use the title field from instance options. |
| Heading Size | `heading_size` | This field controls the size of the title.

### Sample Data

"options": {
"show": "title",
"heading_size": "h1",
"title": "Page Title",
"short_description": "Page description"

### Dependencies
_Dependencies are included and configured as part of the provided Update Set._

> None

### CSS/SASS Variables

_CSS/SASS variables are given default values that can be overridden with theming or portal-level CSS._

> None

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