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RocketFuel Ticket List

### Description
These are two widgets, RocketFuel Tickets List and RocketFuel Ticket Options, that are used together to show a filtered list of tickets and items based on configurable options, shown below.

### Configuration
The simplest way to configure this widget is through the instance options within the service portal.

### Tickets List
The Tickets List widget takes an API to generate the list. By default it uses the NewRocketAPI, which generates a list of the user's incidents and requests the specific method in this API is 'getItems(options)`. A custom API can be used, and will need to return an array of tickets.

### Ticket Options
The Ticket Options widget is configured through the instance options JSON. By default it will show incidents and requests, and open and closed. It is easily configurable by modifying the JSON to add other filters, such as HR, IT, etc. Simply right click on the widget, click 'copy config to clipboard', then add that to the JSON in the instance options, modifying it as you see fit.

Below we'll break down the JSON specifications of a few of the options pictured above.

### Simple Checkbox Option

"options": {
"filterOptions": [
"title": "Status", // Option Display Value
"field": "active", // Name of attribute on the object returned from getItems
"type": "checkbox",
"options": [
"title": "Open", // Display Value of the Option
"value": true, // This option applies to records where active = true
"selected": true // This option will be selected by default
"title": "Closed",
"value": false

### CSS/SASS Variables
*Dependencies are included and configured as part of the provided Update Set.*

| Variable | Comments |
| -------- |:---|
| `$nr-ticket-checkbox-unchecked` | This variable is used to uncheck the boxes affiliated with search. |
| `$nr-ticket-checkbox-checked` | This variable is used to check the boxes affiliated with search. |

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