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RocketFuel Previously Requested


### Description

This widget shows the catalog items that the user has previously requested.

### Configuration

The simplest way to configure this widget is through the instance options within the service portal.

### Widget Option Schema Parameters

|  Option       | Property | Comments |
| ----- |:-----:| ---- |
| Title| `title` | This field controls the text which is displayed in the title area. |
| Bootstrap Color| `color` | The value of this property is used to set the color of the background and title text for the widget. The property takes standard Bootstrap color values as a string (e.g. 'Default', 'Primary', 'Success', etc...). |
| Encoded Query | `page` | Queries entered in this field determine which items are displayed. |
| Max Results | `max_results` | The integer entered here will be used to determine the maximum number of items to show. |
| Page | `sp_page` | This defines the article page you are using in the portal. It is used to generate the url that users will be taken to when they click on a given article. |

### Sample Data

 "data": {
   "page": "",
"recent": [
"picture": "no_image.png",
"name": "Item 1",
"short_description": "Description for Item 1"
"picture": "no_image.png",
"name": "Item 2",
"short_description": "Description for Item 2"
"picture": "no_image.png",
"name": "Item 3",
"short_description": "Description for Item 3"
"options": {
"title": "Previous Items",
"page": "sc_requests",
"encoded_query": "sc_request",
"color": "primary"

### Dependencies
_Dependencies are included and configured as part of the provided Update Set._

> None

### CSS/SASS Variables

_CSS/SASS variables are given default values that can be overridden with theming or portal-level CSS._

> None

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