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RocketFuel Popular Items


### Description

This widget shows the catalog items that the user has previously requested.

### Configuration

This widget uses a default Rocketfuel API to get the popular items. If needed, you can create your own API and choose that within the instance options to pull the popular items however is desired. The rest of the configurations can be done through the instance options within the service portal as well.

### Widget Option Schema Parameters

|  Option       | Property | Comments |
| ----- |:-----:| ---- |
| Limit | `limit` | The integer entered here will be used to determine the maximum number of items to show. |
| Template| `u_template` | Takes a template ID associated with the widget. |
| Title| `title` | This field controls the text which is displayed in the title area. |
| Bootstrap Class Name| `class_name` | A valid bootstrap class name can be entered here to change the style of the widget. |
| Bootstrap Color| `color` | The value of this property is used to set the color of the background and title text for the widget. The property takes standard Bootstrap color values as a string (e.g. 'Default', 'Primary', 'Success', etc...). |
| Column classes | `col_classes` | The value of this field is used to determine how many columns exist. |
| Page | `sp_page` | This defines the article page you are using in the portal. It is used to generate the url that users will be taken to when they click on a given article. |

### Sample Data

> None

### Dependencies
_Dependencies are included and configured as part of the provided Update Set._

> None

### CSS/SASS Variables

_CSS/SASS variables are given default values that can be overridden with theming or portal-level CSS._

> None

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