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RocketFuel HTML Panel


### Description

This widget acts as a drop-in container for customized HTML content.

### Configuration

| Option | Description |
| -------- |:-------------:|
| Title | Specify a title for the HTML content block. |
| Bootstrap Class Name | Used to name the bootstrap class for the widget. |
| Bootstrap Color | Used to set the color of the background and title text for the widget. The property takes standard Bootstrap color values as a string (e.g. 'Default', 'Primary', 'Success', etc...) |
| Glyph | Adds a small glyph that renders next to the title. |
| HTML | Desired HTML Content |
### Sample

After dropping the "RocketFuel HTML Widget" onto the page, the Instance Options are where all widget modifications take place.

*Widget Instance Options*

Using the data above, here is what that widget looks like:

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